My life as an entity has been defined by two powerful objects. Leaving them in a form so powerful that you will have images created in the minds eye. Breaking down pictures and natural phenomena into carefully arranged letters.
Words that are simply understood but with deep meanings,words that can be interpreted in so many ways.
Words arranged carefully by the craftsman that makes you feel like you are watching some sort of movie in the mind,it pauses when you stop reading and continues when you read on.
An instance is the fact that I just put to paper a couple of things going on in our everyday life,and you are reading it. Some how you are enjoying the beautiful pictures created in your mind. You would capture every moment of it if you could. (haha but you know it is not possible).
Objects that could cause a very great misunderstanding between nations and could also bridge the disparity between two opposing forces.
It is with the aid of this objects that I have been able to put up this thought for you to read and relate.
Without these two objects,I don’t think you would have had the privilege to read this piece that has been hidden in my head for quite some time now.
This is what I call the power of ink,
The might of pen and paper.
My life has been defined by ink spread on a sheet of paper.

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