Asura Coin ICO Officially Ended.

Woohoo! The ICO is over!

Over the past months leading up to our ICO, the Asura Team have all learnt and experienced many new experiences. We have all grown both individually and together as a team!

We’d like to take this opportunity to both share a little of our experience over this period of time and also update our community on our near future plans and current behind the scenes progress.

Asura World was founded on the concept of need from a gamer’s perspective, the need of everything streamlined, simplified with credibility, and all interlinked together. Not just from a capitalist point of view, but from what was lacking in the market after being players in the market for the past 15 years. This idea was always shelved as the cost of running such an operation greatly outweighed any likely ROI, the risks were simply far too high. However with the introduction of blockchain & smart contracts, this makes things possible, very very possible. The reason for our ICO.

Fast track forward almost a year, we wrap up our ICO. Looking back there were definitely areas we could improve on, however regardless, we are happy to have had this journey, to have our community of supporters.

On behalf of everyone at Asura World, Eman & I, would like to thank each and everyone of our community members for sticking with us. With all your support, we aim to take Asura World into the spotlight of eSports globally. This is only the beginning!

So what do we have in plan for the near future?

Of course, exchanges! We have been in talks with an assortment of exchanges, and been doing our own research on each of them. Although we can’t go into details here, everyone can expect things to start happening from month onwards!

Partnerships? Growth? News? none of these are forgotten, The Asura team have been in talks with an array of groups and companies that will be essential to the growth of Asura World. Ranging from associations to government body federations, to major tournament organisers and more. We have not stopped working behind the scenes! We ask our community to have some patience whilst we deal with boring paperwork and development to fit these partners so we can announce things confidently.

Roadmap? Not forgotten at all, Asura World community center is still in the midst of development nearing completion, we are currently focusing 30% on development and 70% on content right now. Content is what will drive the traffic, regardless of how pretty a platform looks, if there’s nothing in it, people will leave. We are excited and can’t wait to show everyone very very soon! [Dates TBA, no schedules set currently]

After everything is said, I would just like to say Thank You again to everyone that supported us during our ICO and the period leading up to our ICO.

Peter Shen
CEO of Asura World

Asura World founders: Peter Shen & Eman Abdollahi

For more information regarding Asura World & Asura Coin.



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