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Q. When and how ASA is going to have its first use case?

Currently, our primary goal is to drive traffic to websites within the ASA Network. The key website being with the competitions website launching very soon. The competitions website is currently on a test server [as this is a website that will be handling high volumes of transactions, it requires more testing]. We will be launching the sites for marketing; our approximate time frame for the marketing campaign is 2 months — 6 months. The first use case will be with the competitions platform.

Q. The UK Gambling commission are extremely concerned with underage gambling particularly within computer games, e.g loot boxes and skins.
Are Asura aware of all legislation regarding underage gaming gambling and will safeguards be in a position to prevent potential addiction and underage usage?

Great question and it is a concern we are 100% aware of. As adult gamers, the Asura team understand the serious implications of problem gambling. Many of our competitors hosting skin betting and loot boxes operate illegally within the grey areas of the law, however we want the ASA Network to grow into a globally recognized platform. The Asura team will be complying with all appropriate laws and regulations and adjusting any processes in the future based on updates to any of the present legislation. We will do our best to prevent underage gambling and block certain regions of the World by having regionalized IP blocking and a full KYC registration for users betting.

Q. Additionally will Asura monitor individual spends and limit/warn individuals if it becomes excessive?

There will be a hard-cap for first time users and users will be prompted to increase their betting cap manually. Unfortunately we cannot enforce individuals to stop betting however if we think an individual is betting excessively, then we will temporarily put a suspension on their account and send them a verification email.

Q. The price of ASA is too low now, I think you have still been hard-working in background to build the site but how about your marketing plan to attract investor and player ?

We believe we have a strong marketing plan in place. Once our site is ready for marketing we will be sharing with the community a short and brief marketing plan document.

Q. Without cash, your project can not been done. I think you are using your own cash , not from ico. Do you have any plan to call more people investment ?

Our most recent round of investor funding was unfortunately unsuccessful. The terms negotiated were not favorable for the Asura Team and meant potentially losing the company. We have invited a few extremely experienced individuals to lead our funding campaign for our next round of investment negotiations. Aside from this upcoming campaign, we have had angel investors that have been supporting our project to date.

Q. How many people in your team now ?

Our team consists 2 Angel Investors that also act as consultants for us, 1 CTO, 1 community manager, 3 full-stack developers, 1 statistician, and 1 main article writer. So in total, 7 full time staff, 2 part-time staff, and 2 consultants.

Q. About site development, do you want to do outsourcing ?

At this stage, maintaining a high standard of work is our focus. Currently we have 95% of our work completed in-house however in the future when we begin expansion we may outsource a few tasks. Development-wise we are and will continue to be 100% inhouse.

Q. hello, what is your partnership with Phantasma? Can you migrate to the blockchain Phantasma? For bets you have all the necessary authorization to succeed? And On what date can we expect the finished product of marketing and a new exchange of type kucoin bibox okex?

In the near future, we will be working more in-depth with Phantasm. As for the exact details, I am unable to provide much insight currently, however it will not be a light handed partnership. We want to be very involved in the ecosystem they are building.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide any listing dates on larger exchanges currently but it is something we have listed on our calendars. Presently, there are a few targets we must hit first prior to further listings, one of them being a proper use-case.

Q. When binance

With new regulations coming into the crypto space, Binance generally requires a certain level of establishment before they will list any token on their exchange. As you may be aware, our project is still under development. In the future we will naturally be pursuing a listing on Binance and the top 10 exchanges, however this will be more achievable after product launch.

Q. Can you give an update on timeframes for when things will be released and your current progress.

We will be releasing a company progress report in the coming weeks; all current information will be included in this report.

Q. What is the plan for all of the unsold tokens?

Unsold tokens are automatically locked for 12 months and up to 24 months; after this period of time we will be adding them to our betting reserve and growth fund. The tokens added will contribute directly towards acquiring new users and growing the Asura user base, thus increasing the value of Asura.

Q. What do you think about adding some kind of staking for rewards, or a percent of gambling revenue distributed to holders.

Thank you for your suggestion! This is a great idea and something we have discussed in our team briefings extensively. It is an idea we are hoping to explore in the future. As of right now, this is one of our ideas we will be exploring at a later stage. We must reach our current targets first before we can branch out into other possibilities.

Q. What were the teams thoughts on using the EOS blockchain?

We think EOS is a great blockchain, however there has been no extensive conversation around the subject of moving to the EOS blockchain.

Q. Good day, what is happening with the project, what exactly was done during the last two month? Why the website is not updated fullt and has outdated news, almost no traffic? What are the exact plans for the following week, months, quarter with exact deadlines? When the project will be fully completed? How much financial resources left, how they are going to be used? Can we get financial statements/reports? Thank you.

Good day, thank you for your questions. We will be releasing a company progress report in the coming weeks which will address all of your questions. Included in this company progress report will be extra information to provide everyone with some assurance.

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