Asura World Progress Update June/July: Apparels + Development

Asura World
Jun 27, 2018 · 2 min read

Asura World Apparels

Asura World is proud to launch the first Asura World Gamer’s Collection. Sale will begin post launch of Asura World Community Center, all Asura World Apparels are available for purchasing via ASA Tokens or USD [10% Discount applies to purchases made with ASA Tokens]*.

All T-Shirts and Tank Tops are 100% Cotton. Hoodies are 80% Cotton + 20% Polyester.

Asura World Gamer’s Collection


Asura Coin website will be going through a design revamp over the next week to showcase an entire new layout. This layout will allow a more streamlined and simplified experience within

Design of the new website

Asura World Development Update

Asura World’s newly revamped Community Center Alpha will be launching in the following weeks, no exact date is established currently. However an exact date will be announced Next Week.

The new Community Center will give everyone a more in-depth look into the community side of Asura World, the forums, the voting, tournament discussions, stream discussions, community self-regulation mechanisms, and more!

This is the biggest Development Update from Asura World to date, so be sure not to miss it!

To learn more about the Asura World platform and current Crowd Sale please visit:


Asura World

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The World’s first self-sustainable eSports ecosystem built on NEO blockchain technology. Asura Coin is a NEP-5 token.

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