Dota 2 VS League of Legends with Asura World’s Jimmy “DeMoN” Ho

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A question that has been asked a million and one times:

Can a Dota 2 Pro player play League of Legends better than a Pro League player playing Dota 2?

IGN put it to the test recently and invited Asura World’s Jimmy “DeMoN” Ho and Team Liquid’s Joey Haslemann.

[Scroll down to the very bottom of the article for both videos]

Screenshot from IGN’s youtube video.

Jimmy starts off first playing League with the help from Joey.

Screenshot from IGN’s youtube video.

And it doesn’t take long before his Dota 2 skills are showcased through his League gameplay even impressing Joey.

Screenshot from IGN’s youtube video.

Although Jimmy’s team lost the game, it’s fair to say that Jimmy adapted to League relatively smoothly and secured many impressive hooks with his champion of choice: Blitzcrank.

Screenshot from IGN’s youtube video.

Following Jimmy’s defeat in League, Joey stepped into the driver’s seat making his debut in Dota 2 with the help of Jimmy on the side.

Screenshot from IGN’s youtube video.

Joey picked a hero called: Crystal Maiden, a support hero. And through the advice of Jimmy, Joey also made some impressive plays albeit Joey admits Dota 2 is a much harder game in comparison to League due to the many smaller details it involves.

Screenshot from IGN’s youtube video.

Nevertheless both players walked away laughing and understanding each other’s game a bit more.

This is what Asura World aims to achieve in the eSports world, to break barriers between games and allow users to understand other similar games more in-depth. To showcase awesome plays and amazing tournaments to players of the same genre but different titles.

Jimmy has been a fantastic representation of this!

Video 1:

Video 2:

For more information on Asura World:

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