My Crypto Spirit Podcast with Peter Shen of Asura World

Asura World

Phantasma’s new marketing project, My Crypto Spirit, is aiming to provide an alternative approach towards Cryptocurrency, blockchains and topics of relevance.

In this episode, Peter Shen, CEO of Asura World, chats with Lee Kai of Phantasma, surrounding all things Crypto, Esports, Gaming, and the future of this area.

The podcast is intended to be a more casual take on the topics, looking to create conversation rather than a serious discussion.

Please sit down, relax, and enjoy the casual chat between Lee and Peter.

Premiering on Friday 25th, 2019 @ 6 PM UTC +0

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Asura World

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The World’s first self-sustainable eSports ecosystem built on NEO blockchain technology. Asura Coin is a NEP-5 token.

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