Rationalizing Hillary’s Compromise is Not the Moral High Ground
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

As a libertarian, I have been telling people for some time that the few inadequate programs funded by government (taxpayers) are not a good moral trade off for the violence they perpetrate upon nations around the world, the incarceration nation we have here, the deals with Wall Street, what essentially amounts to corruption, bribery, blackmail, fraud, coercion, murder, and extortion by our elected leaders. Yes, both the Democrats and the GOP in office have been for more than 100 years of U. S. history, subjegating, murdering, and stealing from the American people and from citizens around the world.

People ease their minds by being opposed to the other guy/gal. They ease their minds on social and economic issues that we COULD deal with directly if we so choose.

People allow themselves to be bought off with inadequate health care, education, and social services that have failed for decades upon decades.

Shame on the U. S. Shame on the people. Hillary is no moral trade off for Trump.

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