Asura Coin announces partnership with O3 to bring to you the world’s very first NEO token sale via mobile

Asura Coin (ASA) to be very first token sale supported by O3 Mobile Wallet

We’re excited to announce that Asura Coin and O3 are collaborating to bring to you the world’s very first NEO token sale via mobile!

This super-easy process is the latest development from the Asura Coin team and the NEO mobile wallet “O3”, formerly known as O3 wallet.

In addition to being the only mobile wallet app which currently supports NEP-5 tokens, O3 are now giving tens of thousands of users the option to participate in NEO token sales with just a few taps of your mobile screen.

Check out how it looks in this gif from their latest medium post.

Their app is available to both iOS and Android users, and operates in a completely decentralized manner. It doesn’t store your private keys at all, and you get to interact directly with the token sale smart contracts, allowing the peace of mind that your coins are safe at all times.

O3 also give you an ultra-handy feature of tracking your token balances and performance, on the go!

Sounds great! What is Asura Coin (ASA)?

Being keen supporters of innovation, the Asura Coin team have proudly agreed to be the first token sale available via this new O3 feature, with their token sale opening both via the app and traditional methods on the 21st May.

Asura will also be NEO’s first gaming platform — and a completely self-regulated one.

The Asura platform aims to create a decentralized gamers’ utopia. It will hand power back to the gaming community, and allow players from all around the world to bet, compete, learn, and discuss — all while earning tokens along the way!

As a member of the Asura community, YOU get to have your say in how the platform runs.

Voting will occur regularly for selecting which tournaments are hosted, and even the betting rules that are provided.

The betting system is comprised of automatically-generated odds, and will be facilitated through completely transparent smart contracts to ensure fairness.

In addition to tournament hosting and betting, Asura will also provide in-depth professional guides to coach players at a competitive level. These paid guides will provide deserving coaches a source of income for providing value to their fellow community members.

A forum will also be provided to discuss anything to do with your favorite games, with a built-in reputation system that provides yet another way to earn tokens for your contributions.

Games initially supported on the Asura platform will include CS:GO, Dota 2, King of Glory, and League of Legends.

How do I Participate?

The Asura Coin (ASA) token sale goes live on 2nd of June, and will end either on the 30th of June, or whenever the hard cap is reached.

Whether you plan to participate through the O3 app or via the old-fashioned method, you’ll still need to go through the KYC process, which is currently open on the Asura Coin official website.

Please take extra care to ensure that the NEO address you register is the one which you intend to use for the token sale. If you plan to use the O3 wallet, this will be your O3 NEO address.

A total of 650 million tokens (65% of the total supply) will be available during the sale, with an approximate price of USD$0.02 per ASA coin.

The sale has a soft cap of $2,500,000, and will be hard-capped at a maximum of $12,000,000.

For more information on the token sale including bonuses and more, check out the one-pager here, or visit the Asura Coin official website


You can download the O3 mobile app for iOS here, or Android here.

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