Asura Coin June Announcements: Dota 2 Jimmy “DeMoN” Ho Joins Asura World + ICO Extension?

Jimmy Ho “DeMoN”

Asura World is proud to invite DeMoN on board as our Dota 2 Ambassador. DeMoN, or otherwise known as Jimmy Ho, is one of the most recognized Dota 2 player in the world!

Having played on major teams such as Evil Geniuses, Team Liquid, TNC, Complexity Gaming, Infamous, Fnatic, Digital Chaos, and more. Jimmy’s knowledge and experience with Dota 2’s pro scene is unrivaled and together with Asura World, DeMoN will not only be representing the Asura World brand at global Dota 2 events but also with content and coaching later for the Asura World community.

Jimmy “DeMoN” Ho at The International 2016

DeMoN’s Dota 2 history lists him as one of the longest playing professional Dota 2 players in the world [7 years], having participated in 4 TIs [The International, Dota 2’s biggest annual tournament organized by Valve.] and too many other major tournaments to even count. Jimmy “DeMoN” Ho, is recognized as one of the best support players in the world, a high risk high return player playing on the highest level in Dota 2!

Valve’s The International Dota 2 Championship

Jimmy will be attending The International 2018 at Vancouver this year as Asura World’s ambassador.

Redbull Changing Lanes “DeMoN”

ICO Extension?

Statement from the CEO:

After long and arduous discussions with the team, we have decided to extend the ICO for another month till the 31st of July. But what would this mean for everyone?

  1. Everyone can expect more announcements of both strategic and value partnerships that was originally planned for June to be released in July.
  2. There will not be any delays in development of Asura World as that is already in progress behind the scene.
  3. Exchanges? There actually won’t be too much of a delay in this from the ICO extension, although I can’t go into too much details here. But this is definitely not an area we have neglected.
  4. Community Appreciation airdrop? Time won’t be changed, after 30th of September.

So why are we extending the ICO?

Because we don’t want to end up depending on VCs or other major funds. By allowing VCs and/or other major funding parties to join Asura World, Asura World may not end up the same as how we originally envisioned, something that should've been purely for the eSport community.

Peter Shen
CEO of Asura World LLC

To learn more about the Asura World platform and current Crowd Sale please visit:


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