Asura World Aug 2018 Progress Report

Dear Asura Community,

With August ended, we mark our 1st month since the end of ICO. So what have we been working on?

A ton of stuff!

Firstly, I just want to touch base lightly on how the poor performing market has affected us, as some may have guessed, we’ve definitely been hit by the dip in the market. Resulting in a slower development process, however the delay is not major.

The FULL Asura World Community Center looks to be ready by end of October, and the working beta betting platform is still on track for Q4 currently! The Community Center will be entering content implementation straight away after it’s testing phase and will be marketed by both Asura World and our eSport representatives. Our League Journalists will be on the ground and ready for League of Legends Worlds in October.

Business-wise, the executive team at Asura World is in the process of setting up Asura Partners, a subsidiary of Asura World that focuses on the growth of the business and diversifying portfolio. This will help ensure that Asura World will have the necessary foundation and support in the future to grow into other related markets, and also maintaining a strict balance between all that is eSports for the community, and the boring business side of things.


The subject that’s on everyone’s mind: When Exchange?

We’re happy to announce that Asura Coin will soon be listed on LAToken for our first listing. This was done with a lot of careful planning and thoughts before we decided to put our foot down to finalize.

Why one boutique exchange to begin with?
1. Easier to manage liquidity, avoid stalling, closer spreads and so forth.
2. We can focus on growing the project, the value of tokens, find new buyers the same way we found contributors to our ICO.
3. More focus for us to work on partnerships, user acquisition, converting people into crypto-users for Asura World.

All in all, our focus is to grow value for our community, hypothetically speaking, there could be “potential dumpers” in the start regardless, it happens to the best of us, however we’re not here to play the short term game. We’re here to play the long term game, to grow in stability to add value over time.


Deposits will be open on September 10 at 2 pm GMT+3
Trading will start on September 12 at 2 pm GMT+3

To access LAToken:

In conclusion, everyone at Asura World is busy working forward to get our products into the world. That is our sole focus right now and we believe it’s also what everyone in our community is anticipating [aside from exchanges of course!].

We have also been taking notes from all the suggestions given to us in our community and will be more proactive in our social media. We’re here to listen to everyone’s feedback, the good and the bad, and we’ll aim to make some real magic happen soon!

Peter Shen.

CEO of Asura World LLC.

Play Hard. Compete Harder.

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