Asura World Sept 2018 Progress Report

Dear Asura Community,

With September ended, we mark our 2nd month since the end of ICO. So what have we been working on?

Even more stuff!

Before anything else, I’d just like to shed some transparency to our community in regards with our internal workings. With the extended bear market, we’ve had to make some hard decisions, and some of those decisions have resulted in us letting go a large portion of our developers. Unfortunately, we simply do not have the necessary funds to sustain them for substantial development periods. This has resulted in a necessary delay on our Mechanism One & Two launch: Asura World Community Center & Betting Beta. While this news is unfortunate however I would just like to assure our community that through these trials & tribulations we are working harder as a team to bring forth our epic platform. We are working on secondary measures to enable Asura World to bypass this bear market, although I cannot shed too much light on this right now, however I can assure this will only bring benefit to Asura World and it’s community! [In Major ways!]

On a side note, we’re proud to announce Jihye now has access to major tournaments of League of Legends to bring the latest news and coverage in the future for Asura World, especially her partnership with ESPN.


Asura Coin [ASA] are now actively traded on:
- LAToken with ETH and BTC pairings
- Bilaxy with ETH pairing

NEO Assembly in Tbilisi, Georgia

End of September, Asura Coin was invited to the NEO Assembly in Tbilisi hosted by NEO & Spotcoin.

It was a great opportunity for Asura World to connect with the many other NEO projects and discuss opportunities to partner together in the future, how we, as a collective, can improve the NEO ecosystem to help each other grow and develop.
We were also invited to a private event where we had the opportunity to speak to some serious people within the crypto industry.

All in all, September has been a full on month for us as Asura World, I do hope for everyone’s sake that the market will be better in October. However we will be putting our foot down and focus on development in October.

Our roadmap on the website will be updated this month with a more accurate timeline that outlines our current progress.

Peter Shen.

CEO of Asura World LLC.

For all inquiries please contact us at:

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