A Little About Me: Armen Surenian

Hi! My name is Armen Surenian. I was born on April 26, 2002 in Arlington Heights, Illinois. Some things I like to do is play football, spend time with friends and family, and watching football. My favorite football team is the Patriots because my dad is from the Boston area. Some of my earliest memories are watching football with my dad on Sundays. After constantly watching football, I wanted to play it. Third grade was my first year of football, and this year will be my seventh year of football. I’m on the freshman team. Hopefully we win on Saturday!

My Favorite Song: Don’t Worry Be Happy


Me at the Varsity football Game against Hinsdale South at 9:00 on Friday.

Video Of Something I Do Everyday:

Three People Who Inspire Me:

My Parents:

They inspire me because they are entrepreneurs and run a very successful business. They work as a team to accomplish their goals. They are models of who I want to be in the future.

JJ Watt:

He is a very successful football player and has his own fundraiser called the JJ Watt charity classic which is a softball match between the offensive and defensive players on the Houston Texans. They raised over 2 million dollars for after school athletic activities for kids.

My Grandpa:

He is a very intellectual person. He is battling cancer but always stays positive and he inspires me to be a better person.

Inspirational Quote:

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