Why it is wrong blaming parents for the actions of their children.

In India now this is a trend to say “teach your boys to respect women”, and of course to girls “teach this/that/whatever comes to mind ,as if its the job of their parents.

If your child is a drunkard, corrupt, molester, goon or a criminal one, most of the time you suffer the most than others. And Once he/she is capable enough to think on his own(say 15–16 years old), your responsibility ends there as a parent/guardian. Now after certain point of time you became just a spectator of their life, and then you rely on them in the later part of your life as originators.

And those who blame the parents for their spoiled child or youngster or adult is forgetting the fact that, one could teach millions of manners and tricks and trade to be a humble, honest and good human being but making sure those things ripen, is only the hold of the beholder of that character(The child/adult/youngster).

One more thing, why would you burden them more;they took care of your basic needs, get you educated (despite of every struggle of keeping irregular wealth supply at bay), and by far majority of the parents played their role fare. Even if you are from a strong criminal background and your family is corrupt from top to bottom, neither the parents want you to evolve you in that for sure.

Again, circumstantial evidence shows that if i am spoiled its because of my own choice, rather than any peer pressure, or anybody responsible for that. If someone molests or became a criminal is solely on his own responsibility and you could blame that particular person for not being the right guy/girl.

Now coming on the point of parents and teachers role, when i used to study there were groups of pupil like, academically advanced one, the moderate and the weak backbench guys. Their parents always complain of not getting good scores and most of them do things that the parents get ashamed of already before anyone else.

If you ever think it is the moral responsibility that parents will take the responsibility of your blunders in life, that is wrong. They had you till certain point of time, then you have grown up, now it you own the fate of your character, acceptability plus credentials.

Now you choose, whose onus it is? Parents or the one who holds the charges for being corrupt, or violator.

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