Well,there is a lot to say about opencode. Opencode is an opensource event .Any undergraduate or postgraduate student can participate in open code .It is a great Platform for the beginners to learn about opensource development and the best way to learn how GitHub works.

I’ve learned a lot after joining opencode. I learnt a lot of java script, CSS and several other languages through GitHub. There are lot of projects in opencode which helps you apply your skills in web development.

Before joining the opencode competition I didn’t even know what GitHub was and how useful it is. In fact I didn’t even have a GitHub account !. Opencode was the reason that i joined GitHub.

Opencode is my first step towards opensource development and I’m glad that I’m a part of it. I thank the mentors of Opencode competition for making it so interactive and interesting. I have special appreciations for the overall organiser of opencode Mr. Gautham Santhosh for creating such a wonderful event and making it successful.

These are the projects which helped me study a lot about opensource development :

This is one of my contribution in opencode (added a preloader to webpage).This is just an example. I’ve done a lot more than this !.