3 Benefits of offshoring IT professionals

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Hiring the right IT professionals for your business can be challenging, whether it be in your local country or offshore. Not only do you need to take into consideration the costs of recruitment but also finding the right person for the job. Leaving the recruitment in hands of a specialised offshoring company will aid in cost effectiveness and business growth in the long term, not only in IT but also in other areas of a business.

There is a misconception when people hear the word ‘offshore’, giving the idea that people work overseas in sweat shops, however this is not the case. Our AS White offices based in Kuala Lumpur, Manila and Vietnam are all have A-grade with an enviable facilities allowing our staff to perform to the best of their abilities and for effective collaboration. Here are 3 benefits to offshoring IT Professionals that can help with your decision:

Your local team can focus on client facing tasks

That’s right! Your local IT Professionals can focus on tasks that are client facing rather than tasks that can be done behind the scenes. An example of this is Service Desk. Let’s say you have one team member in level 1 service desk support who is constantly snowed under with having to physically assist other team members with IT issues. This would be a good opportunity to invest in an offshore team or team member to help take the workload off the local employee. That way the local employee can effectively delegate any non-client facing tasks such as resetting passwords (which can be done remotely) to their overseas team mate/s.

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It is an Extension of your current team

Offshoring IT Professionals or any role in that matter, doesn’t always mean taking jobs away from local employees and giving it to staff overseas just to save money. It can also mean hiring an extension of your current team. An example of this could be a local software development team working on a project with tight deadlines and are struggling to meet weekly sprints so to speed things up the business has hired a few offshore software developers to continue working on the project after local working hours. This can be extremely beneficial for both parties as both teams are working simultaneously and at the same time are meeting the deadline of the project.

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The very obvious Cost Effectiveness

Most people would associate ‘offshore’ with cost savings and they are certainly right about that. Offshoring IT Professionals could save you up to 60% in annual salary costs in comparison to hiring staff locally however this is dependent on which role you are wanting to recruit and the skill set level you seek. Even if you choose to offshore specific business functions or tasks rather than an entire role, this will ultimately save a business big bucks down the track.

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Originally published at AS White Global