The Kids are Socialists Because Capitalism is Dickslapping the Planet
Holly Wood, PhD

Collectivist movements in the twentieth century lead to the greatest calamities mankind has ever known. To mass war and genocide. To conditions of abject human misery for which you have absolutely no concept. Capitalism in pure form is nothing other than free will exchange between two private parties. No force, no coercion. Merely an expression of free will and liberty. The things to which you refer with such disdain are not a consequence of capitalism. The are unintended consequences of government. And fiat money. And government-secured debt. Yes, the US bailed out the banks and financial institutions, and the very rich benefited. But that is not capitalism. Capitalism in a free society allows for institutional failure. What we have in the US is some kind of hybrid mess for which there is no easy label. Fascism is perhaps the closest term. But that the kids are socialists means that they neither understand socialism and where it leads, nor true capitalism and classical liberalism/free society.