Statement by Ben Jealous on President Clinton’s Remarks on Black Lives Matter
Ben Jealous

Apologies are the prescriptive way of modern society elites to avoid admitting wrong doing! Clinton is not sorry for the words that feel from his lips like pearls last Thursday in Philly. It’s too bad that so many African Americans in the south believe the Clinton hype and voted for Hillary overwhelmingly. Hindsight is always twenty twenty but Clinton’s policies of the ‘90’s has surely had a negative effect on the middle class of all colors!

And what does Mrs. Clinton offer to a nation filled with financially destroyed families? Prosecution, finally, for the corporate bank executives and those Wall Street tycoons? Nope! Endorsing new regulations, effective legislation to ensure that another economic meltdown does not occur just because of greed? Nope! More jobs? Nope! The lady endorses TPP which will summarily remove more viable jobs for Americans, just like the effects of her husband’s touted NAFTA on our economy.

Bill Clinton’s supposed faux pas last Thursday with Black Lives Matters is a symptom of much deeper, unvoiced belief system held by the Clinton’s about young people in general. The massive student debt has not drawn a credible plan from Ms. Clinton to help alleviate said debt from the shoulders of people unable to find jobs, especially in their area of specialization. Has the dear lady mentioned a plan that would decrease the number of foreigners employed by corporations that receive tax benefits? Nope. In other words, it’s politics as usual.

Bill allowed just a bit of the mask to slip for just a moment last Thursday and it’s a slip that we should all examine closely.

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