To the Potentially Old Dude Messaging My Teenage Daughter
Chachi Bobinks

Chachi, you obviously know your child better than I, but, I would respectfully suggest, that you have “the talk” now with your child. By not doing so you are handicapping your beautiful, innocent child and her ability to navigate the world that we occupy.

Please note that I am a mother of a forty-three year old, female, and another one who is almost thirty. I notate their ages to illuminate the fact that current technology was not a part of their early teen years but even waaaay back in the day I had the talk with my girls as well as their brother.

Back in the day, it was not unheard of for track and/or soccer coaches to harbor prurient interests in young girls or boys. It was rarely spoken about but a reality nonetheless, that certain male family friends or even male family members would either attempt to lure a child into in appropriate situations or simply assault the child. Hence my probably over-the-top lectures to my kids that was meant to equip them with knowledge so that they could understand what was been said or suggested to them by an unscrupulous individual. I never wanted my kids to react like “deer in the headlights” or stunned into inaction because they were essentially ignorant about just how outrageous other people could be, young one and older ones.

So sleep on my advice doll! Information and knowledge is always better than the illusion of innocence.

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