I respect your point of view but the truth is never pretty or easy to digest.
Ezinne Ukoha

Ezinne, in my opinion, your anger may be justifiable in your eyes, but my experience as a black woman living in America far exceeds your life time.

I have raised black children, as this society prefers to call them, when in fact they are bi-racial and have and do suffer from disenfranchisement from blacks as well as whites. So, please do not wrap your life experiences in a shroud of lived pain and experience.

The effect of a widening gap between human beings is, as demonstrated just the last few days, in fat opens to door to more deaths of young black women and young black men.

Maybe one day wisdom and life experience will tame your anger and expose to you the reality that anger never solves any problems. Raise a few kids, maintain a marriage over five decades, pursue a male dominated career when women, much less black women might expect to gain enrree and then perhaps we might have something to discuss.

You write to express your anger, and your anger is embraced by the white media, and I write to unite human beings rather than alienate them an obviously the white media agrees more with your line of thinking.

One day you will understand that we all bleed red blood, that we all wail when our children die (our son died in 2008 at the age of 32), that we are actually more alike than not.

I worry about my daughters, both who reside in urban American cities, and my grandchildren. Our son lived being haunted by the fact that he was a target of the police as well as gang members.

So, before you comfortably climb atop the pedestal that Medium has provided you, perhaps you might think how much your words add to the current dialogue of hate and mistrust, a dangerous place where people lose their lives! Never forget that some white folks are angry too! Do you really think your words are going to stop another white police officer from killing another unarmed black child? I doubt it, and so should you!

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