The Night I Rode With O.J.

Hey Scott…thanks for sharing your experience with OJ. Although I attended USC during OJ’s time, I never met him not being a football fan and because I was married and pregnant. Years later when I was a Beverly Hills banker I met The Juice, although to me, he was just OJ. One of my customers, Pat Studstill Jr. a former place kicker for the Detroit Lions and other football teams, took me to lunch at La Scala for chopped chicken salad on a regular basis. One day OJ joined us. He was “dieting”. I have never seen one man consume so much food, especially on a diet.

The thing that struck me the most about these two towering athletes was just how both were visibly affected by years of being brutally hit on the field! Both were in pain, both moved painstakingly slowly,and this was in the early 1980s. 
I would hope that you would maintain your joyous memories from meeting OJ? I will not expound upon OJ’s trial for murdering his wife. The media, then like today, seized upon a story line that would sell and they found it! The things that would have/should have focused society on an innocent OJ were never explored and today’s docudramas simply pander to the idea of a tainted jury.

Seal has a song — “People Are Asking Why” — and in one of the versus he speaks about is “why do people become complicit with the things they’re told…”. And therein lies my point. Sometimes, and sometimes more often than not, we are told things and they are told to us for expedient matters!

For me — OJ’s love for his children was paramount, a fact that was never examined during his trial. He is in jail now only because the public sentiment believes that the man is guilty of murder, despite the fact that he was found “not guilty” by a jury.

A point of fact that at this time cannot be argued or proved: my husband worked at the LA Times during the OJ trial and before and watched the editorial department “seize upon” an angle to pursue in the OJ investigation.

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