….being provocative and challenging the audacity of police officers that shoot to kill in the…
Maggie- I love writing reading and discovering

Hi Maggie….I am black, practically 70, female and have lived more “facts” being black than Ms. Ukoha. So, your assumption that my responses to her is steeped in a reality that “I need to be eased into the facts” is very, very wrong.

The point is — the far too many assassinations of unarmed young black boys/men happens to fall on the deaf ears of far too many white journalists. Ms. Ukoha does not write for a mainstream media newspaper. Our so-called bias free media spends more time besmirching the image of the black victims rather than printing a story that exposes the tragedy of a young life cut short by policemen/women who almost invariably claim that they shot, sometimes in less than 2 seconds, because they were in “fear for their lives”. Until white and black prosecutors, just like black police officers who also kill unarmed blacks with apparent regularity are held responsible for killing unarmed citizens, the horror will continue.

Ms. Ukpha does not explain, or even voice anger against the continued institutionalized racism that muddies the daily lives of many black Americans. The recent election of our current president did little to quell the once hidden racism that was supposed to have disappeared with the election of Barack Obama when in fact racism spread and consumed the hearts of even so-called liberal whites like an out-of-control virus.

So, no, Maggie, reality does not have to be sugar-coated for me. My concern is that Ms. Ukoha will inspire yet another modern day lynching of some young person whose hue just so happens to be brown.

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