I Will Never Lie to You
Dana Perino

“I believe that conservative values and policy prescriptions are better than liberal ones.” In other words Ms.Perino, you must agree with all of Trump’s supposedly conservatives values, those that occupy the hate discourse that was began in the 1970’s to regain the southern white democratic vote whose values were and possible still are steeped in racism? You may not agree with liberal policies that do more to level the playing field for the majority of Americans but, since the Great Depression until the assumption of power by the conservative right, our country and people thrived or at least had the ability to hope to thrive. It appears that you, a person clearly not worried about educating your children, health care for your aging parents much less the financial protections to protect your retirement funds, are so very unclear of what life is for the res of us. The saddest thing about your badge of conservative honor is the fact that so many of those people, poor whites, were disenfranchised by those conservative ideals are the very ones who support Donald Trump!

Your beliefs are yours to hold close to your heart but perhaps you need to step down from your ivory tower and experience just how much the current conservative politicians of today have raped this country and Trump will do far worse!

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