Michael, I’ve lived quite a few more decades than you and I’d be hard put to think I have met…
Allene Swienckowski

Michael, I don’t think the article trashes and “entire generation” but there is a sizable number of young people who are easily disturbed by “what ifs” and a push to insist on “triggers” to inform students about possible words or works that might provoke discomfort for college course work is ludicrous. The article in The Atlantic is titled “The Coddling of America”. It may be hard for you to understand that young people used to be able to discuss many different subjects with their peers, families and classmates without those discussions turning into vitriolic fits enhanced by anger and total miscommunication. And that’s a societal problem today — we cannot talk calmly about issues. This inability to communicate well with others is a hallmark not just with your generation but your parents generation as well. This avid need to control the thoughts and expressions of other is rampant and dangerous. As a civilized society we are supposed to be able to effectively learn how to deal with conflict instead of deny said conflicts exists. The idea that all players on a team, think AYSO or club soccer teams, Little League, et al, where mom’s decided that everyone is a winner and everyone gets a trophy! This kind of thinking, like zero tolerance in schools, has augured a no-think foundation for the young and has stopped effective leadership for those in charge. We are turning civilization on its head by trying to cover the earth with leather instead of making a pair of shoes for the princess.