I have had this debate before with other white people (I am also white), and with all due respect I…
Sherry Kappel

Sherry, I am not white. So, your assumptions about my response to Ezinne is completely incorrect. The very idea that all white Americans are “oppressors” is odious and lacking in credibility. BTW, when’s the last time you asked a bully, an adult bully, to start acting like a fair individual?

Ezinne, like many young activists today, are generally speaking from a position of little lived experience. This is not to say that Ezinne has not experienced some form of racial prejudice. But I am saying that her percolating anger towards whites in general is just not healthy for her or to a reading audience.

If you doubt my words, please review the shooting that took place almost a week ago in Virginia or the killing of a young black Muslin girl just this past weekend. It’s time we all examine how our words effect the lives of others, especially those with a platform.

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