Out of the Darkness
ACLU National

Thank you for your time and introspection about a truly ugly time in American history. My thoughts about the people involved in this horrible conspiracy and the fact that they are able to live their lives. without fear or the prospect of arrest is an affront to justice. In my mind, our rogue police officers and prosecutors have no reason not to kill unarmed children, black or white, because we as a nation have not demanded accountability for crimes committed against other human beings because we were operating “in a heightened sense of fear”. What tripe!

Everyday at any time, a person’s life can end. That is reality. 9/11 happened and we, as a nation not as individuals, can prepare for the inevitable. The Bush administration allowed the lowest form of human beings to create a program to maim and harm other human beings, all based on a supposition that they might, MIGHT, stop future tragedies. Use that same logic when speaking to the parents of every unarmed child that was gunned down by supposedly frightened police men.

The United States owes the individuals and their families who suffered torture because it was assumed, ASSUMED, that they possessed credible information about future attacks against Americans, more than apologies. America owes the world an apology and surely owes a debt as great as the one the Nazis created in their implementation and pursuit of the Holocaust. All lives are precious and indiscriminate inhumanity against another can only result in tragedy.

Perhaps our inability to face the horrors of our actions against others that we choose to perceive as inhumane is exactly why we cling so desperately to the idea of American exceptionalism!