Do you really believe that a candidate is defined his (or her) supporters’ views by some kind of…
Dan Tiede

To answer your question directly, isn’t it very difficult not to define a candidate by their supporters views. I was and remain a Bernie supporter. I will vote because I know that if I don’t I cannot legitimately disagree with the current powers that be. If life and issues were so simple, meaning that only “Democrats are the protectors of social justice”, then perhaps all of the free flowing ignorance that has colored this election period would cease and people would make intelligent and well thought-out choices.

Do you deny that the “Southern Strategy”, advocated and embraced by Republicans, was based on appealing to the hearts and minds of racist white Southerners? Perhaps you missed that day in history when poor whites were convinced that they were better than black folks, just because their skins are white?

Since the dawn of mankind and those who seek power, the idea to “divide and conquer” has reigned and continues to reign. The will of the people is buried beneath the vitriol of hatred, lies and small mindedness.

So, even though you didn’t ask, I will state clearly that I believe many of D, Trump’s are racists, misogynists, haters that truly believe that America can only be great when solely occupied and governed by white men! Pretty damn sad if you ask me because this fantasy world never existed in the first place!