Caught on tape: House Republicans have no clue how many of their constituents are on Obamacare
Aaron Rupar

Unfortunately, conservative Republicans don’t really care how many of their constituents will lose their health care coverage with the repeal of Obama. The only thing these people care about is erasing anything that Obama touched even if that means sick children, the disabled or even once productive Americans will surely die without insurance coverage. The saddest thing about this looming debacle? The majority of people that voted these Republicans into office carry such enmity in their hearts for Obama and the leftist progressive that they are willing to risk their lives on the promises of people dedicated to ensuring greater profits for corporations and lobbyists rather than using their vote to bring greater changes, real changes to their lives.

Can the unleashed hatred against Barack Obama’s blackness be great enough to justify the sacrifice the lives of millions of white folks? Sadly, I guess so!

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