The way ahead
Pres. Obama (Archives)

Without a doubt, your administration has accomplished quite a lot, despite the rattling sabers on the Right that wholly discount any of your accomplishments. Your stated reasons for supporting TPP seem to neglect many of the negatives that are also unsettling parts of an agreement that was penned by lawyers intent on reaping profits for the corporations they represent and ultimately for personal gain. As an avid champion for economic equality, these specific parts of the TPP Agreement point to future unconscionable litigation against countries, businesses and states based on the spurious claims of rich corporation claiming losses based on unrealized future earnings.

It is obvious that as president, your hands have been tied and your desire to solve and correct certain issues were waylaid by the political vitriol that grips our nation. You have also been remiss at stating the obvious, that is, that much of the hatred voiced hatred against you and your administration is largely based on the fact that you are an African American male, an affront to many.

Although I am not from the dominate culture — wait — I am from the dominate culture because I am an American, I apologize to you for all of the petty slights that you and your beautiful family have endured over the past eight years. You and your very elegant wife have had to suffer verbal insults that no other president has ever faced. And I am sorry for the quiet pain that you and yours may have suffered from petty, hopefully uneducated people. But we all live in the real world and sometimes that world is not very pretty.

I wish you and Mrs. Obama the very best in the coming years. I hope that you both are able to continue to the public culture and continue to live lives that are vibrant and successful on your terms!

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