How to Build Big Things with Code

Tired of “Hello World” ? Learn how to code your next billion dollar idea

A Random Image of Code , Why Not

Hey there awesome person who took time out of their lives to learn Code, Hi.

So you just learnt your first language, or twelfth , solved the entire Code-Academy Curriculum or Euler (maybe), and have stretched your legs and dipped it in semicolons; But when it comes to building your own next billion dollar app, you get stuck.

You don’t know where to start, where to end, how to write that big monolith piece of code that does a gazillion things. You know how to make atoms, and molecules maybe, but compositing an entire Human Body capable enough to read this seems impossible. But Nature did it, so can you.

This is a question asked by all programmers, at one point or another in their lives. How to write big Complex Software ? How can I write complex apps like Photoshop, Facebook, Twitter ?

At first it seems like a mammoth task. Not anymore.

This guide assumes that you know the language, in which you are going to work.

Step 0: Learn a Framework and Stick with It

This is a pretty crucial step if you want to get anywhere. Frameworks make the Job a lot easier, and when you are just starting out, learning a framework can help you build mental models on how the different peices stick together and make the app tick.

Choose a framework and stick with it. Choose the one with the most community support, so you can find easy tutorials and awesome extensions.

Step 1: Follow a Tutorial from Start to Finish

Now you have decided on the awesome new shiny framework that came out two weeks ago(Hmm JavaScript), now what.

Find a tutorial that shows you how to build a complete App from start to finish using that Framework which you selected. let it be any App. Do it from start to finish following the tutorial.

This would make you familiar with the pitfalls of the Framework, and would eliminate a lot of the frustration.

Step 2: Code the App from the Tutorial without referring

Following the tutorial was easy right, now code the exact same app from Scratch without referring the tutorial. Whenever you feel stuck google, how to do that not refer back to the tutorial.

This would help you reinforce the techniques on how to start an App from scratch.

Step 3: Code another App, without a Tutorial

Code another app, not radically different but not exactly the twin of the previous app without a tutorial.

You will get stuck and might want to bang your head on your keyboard, this is natural for programmers. This craving means that your primate brain is evolving.

Step 4: Read Best Practices

Every framework would have some page on the internet that shows what are the best practices for maximum productivity using the framework. Read and try to follow them in your Code.

Step 5: Code Like Hell

Now you know how to build big great Apps, now Code Code Code.

Code up everything, Clone every App that you believe you can do, push your limits, get out of your comfort zone kind of thing.

Seriously just Code some more Apps, you will get stuck, but you will learn a lot.

Step 6: Build the App of your Dreams

Step 7: Drop the Outdated Framework, a New one’s right around the corner.

After completing the above steps, you will have a decent understanding of the Language , the Framework and above all how to build big awesome apps, by breaking them down and Building them back up.

That’s all Folks. Happy Coding.

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