A long journey ahead

Every end is a new beginning : The reason why I moved to Medium.

The only aim when I started blogging in 2014 was to make money. Nothing else. Three yrs down the road- I realize that it was a mistake.

No, starting to blog was not the mistake but the motive behind it was.

Starting with blogger than moving to Wordpress. I had two blogs. Shut down the first one in 2015 — it was called “Lifespur” . Closed it just to create a better blog with wordpress.

And now you are reading the Post-mortem of the second blog — RADSAGE.COM

Over the three yrs, I have written around 50 articles. Most of these were written just for the sake of keeping the site up. I didn’t find interest while writing some. But there were a few articles- which made me feel good. These articles didn’t have viral videos, stuffed up lists or specs sheets of new gadgets-NONE of the BULLSHIT.

These articles had one thing in common. They had my soul. They had my thoughts.

And that’s when I realized the mistake. If I had written these kind of articles which made me feel good all along — I would have become a better writer. Not that the trendy articles didn’t help me with the writing. But I didn’t get the satisfaction and didn’t earn anything.

SO, here I am starting to write again — This time on MEDIUM. Only resorting to write my heart out and nothing else.

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