Hello Everyone,

Are you intrested in Contributing in opensource? And you feel like you are a beginner and do not know anything and might cause some trouble?

Then the right place to start is “Opencode”.

Opencode is an Opensource Event Similar to GSOC, Can be called a mini GSOC.

I am now going to describe my entry to Opencode,

On Jan 17 (Opencode began) when i started using github i didnt know anything about github (literally anything).With the help of gautham santhosh(organizer of OpenCode) I got to know about working in github and making contributions,PR,etc..

I have been contributing for OpenCode since then And Opencode is going to end within fewdays . I Learned a lot During This One Month.I Learned More things About HTML,CSS,JavaScript.

If you see the Opencode webpage at the begining you will find that it was just a simple page and now you can see the difference.All these changes were made by the participants with the help of the mentors.

Current Status of Opencode Webpage

All these changes were made by solving different issues which were created by Both mentors and participants.

Issues In Opencodecollab

By Solving These Issues The participants will get points.Based on the difficulty level the points are classified into 3 category each of 10,20,30 marks.

Loader For Opencodecollab Webpage

With the help of mentors I could solve so many issues which I thought I will not be able to do. Some of them were adding Loader,making Navbar Sticky,And Contributing to Humblefoolcup webpage.

If Anyone Is Intrested In Opencode You can follow the Link given below,

This is the Opencodecollab Website
Facebook Page :

“According To My View Opencode Is The Right Platform For Beginners to contribute to Opensource”.

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