Whenever I remember that dark stormy night, I still shiver.

I was in the depth of despair, and life seemed so miserable. I had troubles with my relationships, had to solve financial issues, find some money to pay for my loan, and was completely exhausted to get accomplishments at work which I certainly loved.

I had everything to be happy. But a doze of anxiety, unspoken irritation, and necessity to deal with routine desperately longing for creativity, at the same time, just knocked me down. From time to time I was undergoing through bipolar disorder test, and its results were not pleasant for me. It looked like I had explosions…

Dozens years ago when my parents graduated from Soviet high school they had already known what to do in future. Today the problem how to identify yourself remains one of the biggest among young people. Indeed, we are different, but why is it so difficult to understand who you are?

The power of happy experience

At the age of five, I decided to become a journalist. Words were like a passion for me. Also, I believed in the healing power of journalism. I thought I could cure human souls and attract public attention to the important events in society.

As years passed, my dream accompanied…

If you are tired of wondering is it expensive to visit Dubai, I am here to answer. The richest world center has its amenities intended by any budget. For example, you don't have to be a millionaire to stroll along the markets in Dubai. In this article you will find out why market here is not only the place to make a purchase but also a landmark.

What are souks in Dubai?

The markets in Dubai are more than the place to buy goods. Indeed, it is even more than travels being curious is it expensive to visit Dubai. …

Dubai is by far the richest center of the world. At least, the travelers say so. You may agree, it hard to visit this destination once and not fall in love with it forever. Today I will tell you about the most fascinating stories to know and amazing places to visit.

Dubai ancient history: how it started

Pandemic is the only thing to blame for the collapse of different airlines all around the world. Countries are isolated despite the needs of citizens to travel and keep a daily routine. However, modern innovative companies work diligently day and night to propose the solutions. Robotics is the key and answer. With the help of robots, it is possible to be vibrant. Here we propose the expert opinion of Eways Aviation. They believe: once you implement up-to-date technologies, the risk of being contracted with disease is tending to zero.

First of all, in Hong Kong scientists invented the robot that…

As COVID 19 represents the real danger, aviation industry operates to keep people safe and sound. If you are a bit threatened by the need to fly somewhere, all the aviation companies are on your side. Along with them, we keep the eye on making the passengers feel comfortable. All the aviation industry currently goes hand by hand to find the solution and tackle the dreadful consequences of COVID 19. Here we would love to share an expert opinion of the company that is highly worried about people. Eways Aviation. Whatever they do is directed at satisfaction of human needs.

Nowadays the market of psychological is full of self-help books. All over the world people tend to find solutions of their mental and emotional problems aiming at being happy. In this article we will talk which psychological tools you need to insert into your everyday life.

Overcoming objections

With upcoming variety of specialized literature, there are a lot of critics who ask: ‘Aren’t you fed up with continual self-development? Come on, what would you like to get? Anyway, you will fail!’ Let me answer that self-help methods are designed to see your emotions under illogical actions.

It is really important…

They say the most important thing is to come up with the idea. However, in the process of cooking up the concepts of the good and service, everybody faces the necessity to promote the idea further. Not only is it necessary to launch the project. It is much more difficult to keep vivid at the cruel and competitive market. Today we’ll talk how to validate the business idea.

Study the needs of market

Let’s imagine. You have a brilliant idea of a new car model in a community that desperately needs planes. Even if you produce the most sophisticated product…

Anastasiia Shkuro

Journalist in a search of truth, peace and unforgettable recollections.

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