All photos by Jess Dalene

Exquisite Corpse Company presents a kaleidoscope of familiar, absurd scenes from life in self-isolation

A ghost story by the fire in the age of the virtual theatre

Participatory drama by Phoenix Tears Productions brings excitement to Zoom

All photos by Hunter Canning

Bated Breath makes creative use of pandemic restrictions in a sidewalk promenade show

Twin Alchemy’s LARP for two explores love and life-long commitment

Coney puts Russians and Brits into a virtual hotel for a diplomatic treaty

“I wanna be in the room where it happens.”

A most intimate opera invites you to fall in love from afar

The set of short plays amplifies frustrations of the present moment

Sebastien “Inspector” Heins. Photo by Dasha Peregoudova

A serial phone adventure made about, and for, a single person: you

An over-the-phone adventure by Sinking Ship Creations

Asya Gorovits

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