Reseting my life

My father is just an ordinary arabin man, he is an average small sallary unimportant euntrepreuner who only graduate from high school.

my father is a quite man. one day my father told me that when he was praying most of the big arabian family member forced to put him in the last row. those people give my father position to one man who was a politican. at that time I think of anger and revenge.

That is why All my life I want to be special, I want everyone recognize me, I want be part of the special group, I want to be respected. I dont want to be like my father, I want to be an important man.

Because of that I want to go to the best place, so everyone think I am clever and important.

My mind is so dull with that anger and mind set. I realize that that is not important, that happiness is not the things that you get by recognizable.

Actually I want to be happy, I want a simple life. be a teacher. read a books. happy. it’s okay if im not important. of course I worried about little sallary, but I really don’t want to be a rich. I just want a simple life. that’s it.

so now I realize that I need to change my perspective, just walk the day with happiness and simple.

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