Supporters of Lovecraft seem to genuinely believe that because some of his books sold more than contemporaries of his day, that we are beholden to his will beyond the grave.
A Rebuttal To That Guy Calling Lovecraft “Our Master” with No Hint of Self-Awareness
Jetta Rae

This part isn’t really true, even — when he was alive, he earned very little income from his own fiction, (he was prone to trunking a story after a single rejection, because he took rejection very personally), and he supplemented it with ghost writing and collaboration. The reasons we know his name now — and why he’s so celebrated — are because of (a) August Derleth establishing Arkham House specifically to keep HPL’s fiction in print (and in hardback), and because he allowed the writers he corresponded with, such as Robert E. Howard, to make use of his cosmic horror mythology (i.e. the Cthulhu Mythos).

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