There has to be a reason that the pursuit of happiness is a collection of failure-success cycle

That 35th attempt of yours. You just need to get back up for the 36th times.

Material resources are limited. But your character resources can replenish limitlessly.

Think about it.

Only if god is the key

Focus on your strength. Fight your mistakes.

What did you fail and why did you fail. Regain. Get back on your feet. Keep moving forward again.

Hey did you noticed? This time the cycle gets shorter and shorter. You can lower your down time and increase your up time as you go along.

The key is awareness of your self. Your self is consist primarily of your soul. And you are carried on an object called body. But if you beautify your soul then the body becomes more than an object. It becomes useful. It becomes a meaning.

The quest of meaning is now. Now is the time to do it again. Focus on the now. You look at your past to learn about you. Dont ever feel tired to look back and learn. Time and time again prove tourself that you can look over the negativity that surrounds you as you self check. You fell. But you can get back up again

Its your choice

You are in control. But first, you need to let your soul flow.

Be you again. Be your fitrah.

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