Develop your local CEO pipeline if you want a thriving startup ecosystem

The story of my 2 week trip in Silicon Valley, as it unfolds… Yesterday I met with a great accelerator program, and did some sightseeing

Yesterday we played tourist, and visited some nice places in San Fransisco. But before that, we went to a coffee house, where we met Florian. He runs a marketing agency, that helps early stage startups — those that can afford some marketing budget, but can’t yet afford to have a full blown marketing team.


Then I went to a meeting with Alfredo, leader of USMAC accelerator. They have a really impressive program, getting later stage startups from all over the world here into the US. Fortunately they do more and more work with earlier stage teams too.

They already worked together with teams from Hungary. Unfortunately, the experience was not all good. They sometimes felt that things with these teams started, and the stopped. Then started to move again. Then stopped again. This can’t go on like this, Budapest will have to get it’s act together.

He mentioned, that having experienced startup CEO-s is one of the most important ingredients for an ecosystem’s success. IF there is at least one big success story (like Skype for Estonia) then people after the exit can go back to their home country, and start other startups… Of course this requires a lot of patience, time and money, but this is the only way. We should look at Ireland, Estonia — even small population can generate good quality startups if the conditions are right.

It’s interesting that USMAC will open an office in Bratislava soon, as the CEE region will become more and more important. Let’s hope that we will be able to take these opportunities.

Hello tourist

After this great meeting, we finally went to do some sightseeing. The Piers, Golden Gate Bridge, Baker Beach… It was mesmerising. I’ll continue on the weekend ☺

Next day.


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