Ck Japheth, Founder of Innovation Village

Innovation Village — How to build Africa’s startup ecosystem using the studio approach

Interview with an entrepreneur from Uganda, CK Japheth, the founder of The Innovation Village…

Startup studios are booming everywhere. But can you use the approach to build-up an entire startup ecosystem far-away from well-developed startup hubs? Not so long ago an entrepreneur from Uganda, Ck Japheth reached out to me to talk about their startup studio, The Innovation Village.

I got curious and bombarded him with questions. How is their startup life, what challenges are they facing in the middle of Africa? And how are they able to use the studio approach to defy the traditionally low odds of startup success? Read the below interview if you are curious about how to lay the foundations of a startup ecosystem. And how to uncover and benefit from the MASSIVE economic opportunity that Africa has to offer.

In this interview, you will read about

  • Startup life in Uganda
  • The limitations of traditional startup accelerator programs
  • How Innovation Village was born
  • How Ck and his team are developing the local investor network
  • Their vision to build a hundred innovative ventures

Read on to learn more…

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