Very networking — Conquest of Paradise, day 5

The story of my 2 week trip in Silicon Valley, as it unfolds… Yesterday, the real networking started

I’m only here since 5 days, but it feels like a month. This is good, it means that I take in a lot of impressions. Yesterday morning we went to check out a cowering space called Hero City, in San Mateo. It’s quite nice, big open space similar to Startup Sauna, cosy stage, living area… Can imagine working here ☺

Hi, my name is…

After this, Niki, one of our guides did a 2 hour intensive speech workshop. He is a TEDx ambassador, coaches hundreds of speakers, so we were in good hands. We focused on personal introductions, so how to talk about yourself to make a real impact. It was a hands on training, so the 2 hours went by really fast.

The bottom line is, that you should have 3–4 different type of intros, depending on who you talk to. To some you might want to talk about your personal background, some will prefer you getting to the point very quickly, with some people you will succeed if you intro makes them feel good about themselves. So you need to be prepared.

VC in da (coffee)house

In the afternoon, we met Markus. He sold his previous company to Verisign, after that they did a kind of startup incubation program, and with his partners now they are into accelerating more advanced companies. He was very kind and attentive in talking to us, he asked about our background and goals, and tried to give us actionable advice about what and how to do during our trip.

Hungarian connection

In the early evening I finally met the first hungarian people in Woodside. One of them, Erika is the president of the Hungarian — American Chamber of Commerce. We had a great discussion about what possible programs to arrange to help startups from Hungary. We’ll definitely do some follow ups.

Laci is an entrepreneur, and expert in digital media, who also does lot of work with startups. We discussed what we would need to help hungarian teams do soft landing. His opinion is, that you don’t need all sorts of national innovation houses here, because these only create a kind of false feeling of safety. Instead, you should get local team members, cofounders as early as possible to build an international team, and then get your hands dirty in the local market.

I really enjoyed these discussions, because it felt that we are on the same page from a personal and also professional point of view. I’ll pick up the hungarian trail again on Thursday, when there will be a networking event — fortunately me, only 15 minutes walk from my hotel. ☺

Also my next week is filling up quite nicely. I approached meetup and eventbrite organizers via cold mails. Some of them answered, and in 3–4 mails we could fix meetings. Exciting times…

Next day.


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