Take Your Time Back

Friday July 29th 11:14 PST

There comes a point in your life, where you feel less than. Your mind becomes your biggest enemy; keeping you up at night, comparing and contrasting your mandatory VIP behind the scenes access of your life to the hand picked highlight reels of your friends in real life and on social media. Your relationship isn’t like theirs, or maybe you just wish you were in a relationship like they were. You feel lost, and often times you find different ways to distract yourself from the reality (Work, Sex, School, cough cough Dragon Ball Z). Whatever it may be allow me to inform you that right now, this very moment, is the dopest moment of your life.

In today’s conversation we’ll shine light on ourselves, we’ll help one another understand where we’re at, why it’s the dopest moment to exist in, and we utilize TIME (the one thing that seems like we never have control over) as our biggest resource to bring us clarity. & no this isn’t one of those ‘Time Heals All’ posts. Let’s go straight to the problem and dig it up so we’re able continue progressing, which ultimately helps us breed happiness.

It’s okay, to not be okay — Unknown

Find the courage that’s already within you to let your experiences complete themselves. If you have a relationship or past relationship that you still allow to bother you, it’s probably because you haven’t allowed the experience to complete itself. Same with goals that you’ve failed on, negative childhood experiences, anything! Picture this: 5 year old Jerome is swinging on the swing set in his neighborhood park. Out of no where, the bigger 7 year old Helga comes up and bullies little Jerome off of the swing set so she can swing with her bigger 7 year old friends. Jerome is outraged! Crying to mommy and daddy, screaming, kicking, letting it all out! Then what happens? 37 minutes later Jerome forgot all about Helga and the swing set, he’s moved on to the monkey bars! Jerome can’t even remember Helga’s name he’s having so much fun. Contrarily, as we ‘adults’ will hold a grudge on someone for months, years even! & for what? Because someone didn’t pay us back $50 for the booz from last Christmas’ ugly sweater party? Don’t allow negative energy to reside in your heart. TAKE ONE MOMENT AND REALLY INTELLECTUALIZE WHAT’S BEING SAID RIGHT NOW. If you feel anger, sadness, grief, allow that process to complete itself. Get it out (in a healthy manner) so that you can make room for the next positive experience, which is actually happening right now. If you’re aware of how lit this very moment is, good! If you’re unaware, that’s great! Due to the fact of the clarity you’ve gained and now you see what we can work on, together.

“Mind in one place, Heart in Another” — Drake”

This moment is the dopest moment, because this moment has never happened before in your entire life. Neither has this one. Or this one, or even… this one. The constant flow of time if perceived incorrectly tends to make us feel uncomfortable, but how can we use time to our advantage to empower us? I’m currently completely emancipated via travel, and this individualism that I’m not used to has brought a greater understanding of who I am, and more importantly who WE are. Embody this lesson, and find immense clarity, understanding, and direction with your life.

“Traveling, allows escape from subconscious influences” — Maha Elsarrag

Whether you know it or not, our lives are often dictated (if not strongly influenced) by multiple other people, things, and ideas that are not necessarily of our own or in our best interest. They may not necessarily be in our worst interest… but they don’t always propel us in the direction we’d like to go for ourselves. I don’t believe traveling is the only way to practice the lesson I’m going to share, but it’s one a great catalyst if you have the opportunity to!

Lesson: Remove yourself from all influences & listen to the real you speak.

What I’ve learned from this sporadic adventure, is that when you’re able to mentally remove yourself from all influences, that subtle voice under all the noise in our head is not only easier to hear, but easier to listen to. When we are in our usual flow of activity, whether it be at home or work we generally have a routine of some sort that we stick to. Even our free time has a routine of it’s own, we are creatures of habit. These habits are created by us and what we choose to let influence us. Solitude has introduced me to my pure mind that is under all the distractions. I invite you to discover your pure mind as well with me. The pure mind I’m referring to is the mind that purely decides what it wants to do, for it’s enjoyment and growth.

Example: In your free time, maybe you’d prefer to simply clean up your room so that you can relax after you get home. A friend calls you and wants to grab lunch. You truly enjoy your friends company and you probably love food just as much as I do, but for today it would be nice if you could just clean your room so you can relax, besides you’re prioritizing your money anyway. Regardless of the reason you tell yourself (you don’t want to make your friend mad or sad, you haven’t seen them in a long time, you are a little hungry) you end up going against that small voice in your head that informed you of how you truly would’ve liked to spend that time, and you go grab lunch. Although lunch is fine and you enjoy it, when you return home you’re reminded of your small act of self neglect by a messy room. This happens in multiple different situations. Some small like such as grabbing a bite to eat when you want to relax, or larger decisions such as traveling or deciding which dream to pursue.

Recreate an environment where you’re able to think, and more importantly listen. Tell your close circle of people that you’ll be unavailable for a day, turn your phone off, remove the influences. Being in California by myself has given me multiple opportunities where I’m able to truly decide what I’d like to do with my time. This is very valuable, practice this. After all it is YOUR time that you’re spending isn’t it? You wouldn’t spend money on something you didn’t want to spend money on, we hoard it. Time is even more valuable! Be a little selfish periodically!

Be Selfishly, Selfless

The philosophy of being selfish with your time, is so that you’re able to give it willingly. How ever you plan to give value to the world, it will require time and selflessness. If you haven’t given yourself your personal ratio of ‘you time,’ how do you plan to give it to others?

Lastly, allow me to be honest with you. I haven’t mastered this concept just yet either! Just because I haven’t mastered it, doesn’t mean I haven’t become educated and aware. The best way to learn something, is to teach it. The best way to acquire a new language, is to speak it. I will always promote coming together, and growing as the spiritual family we all are. This is just the talent I was blessed with to serve YOU. When you grow, I grow, WE grow.

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