Install docker on Ubuntu 16.04 and 16.10

Update: now docker has community and enterprise edition, install the community edition can be found on docker store . But if you just want to download the deb file, the link in doc is broken, the following should work as found in this issue.

16.04 has official support, while 16.10 need a lot tweak


The install instruction on docker’s official doc is very long, it used to guide you to the one command install script

curl -sSL | sudo sh

Extra work is needed if you are using older Ubuntu distribution like 12.04


If you use the script, for 16.10 you will have E:Unable to locate package docker-engine

One way is to use the 16.04 package , but remember to update to 16.10’s list when 1.13 is officially released.

Another is to use 1.13 instead of 1.12. docker-engine 1.12 does not have pre built package for 16.10, but you can find a rc 1.13 package here.

  • Download the .deb file and double click it to install.
  • sudo usermod -aG docker your_user_name
  • login and logout

Though this issue suggest to switch to normal apt when 1.13 is officially released, I don’t see the point for updating docker frequently unless the rc version crashed (And it did crashed, the sock seems to have problem)


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