Media Lit 2017–2018 Post #1
Sarah Ashman

Monopolization is bad because when it is owned by one organization it will be one side of the story. If it is a two sided story you will only get one side only and it might not be the right side. It can also be bad for stories that need to be heard but it might not if the organization doesn’t think so. Only certain things will be let out in the media. If you do have one organization like for an election only one person that is running will get the media attention and more publicity to look better.

Some media personnel want to bring out the truth to the public, but some just care about the money. If a media like CBS gets a sponsor with Nike they do not want to throw any bad media so they can get the money. The media needs to be less restricted because people have the right to be able to know what is going on around the world, country, state or around them.

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