For Baseballers.

The Continuation Rule.

Because every Play counts.

It’s simple, really.

Fair Play is about the competition.

You competed, when you reached your Base, and it was an Umpired Call, a competitive outcome was gained.

It’s on the Score card, the Game is underway, you’ve earned the right to be a threat to Score.

To be clear, that threat is the active competition the makes the Game, that is the Game.

The Continuation Rule recognises the Playaction on the Field, first, over the “Side Out” tradition.

Side Out gives away the real Plays of the Game, and is a cheat, robbing the Players on a run, and the Fans.

The Runner has every right to return to the Base they were on.

Then the continuation of the full Game’s head to head pressure stays on.

You’ll really be on the edge of your seat the whole way.

From Inning to Inning, it ain’t over.

Game On.


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