– well well well –

– The Keys to a Healthy Economy –

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Dedication –

To a new Society of Equals in Health, and to an Economy that is founded on the power of Health to heal this Nation – this World –

-About The Keys.-

We are at a point in Time in which we are fundamentally capable, truly as never before, of‭ ‬establishing a healthy, authentic satisfaction in living, for everyone.

The correlations between Health and Prosperity are well known, and they’re showing us a‭ ‬way to focus on that common-ground, and its roots, through Medicine.

-What’s New.-

Regenerative Medicine is here and powerfully advancing.

Emerging Cellular-Therapies of simplicity and sophistication are empowering Doctors and‭ ‬Patients.

New Health Care choices are within reach.

-Therapeutic Expressions.-

We know now that every Type of Cell, in every case, will eventually be healthfully, therapeutically‭ ‬enjoined, nurtured, restored. Establishing our capacity for self-renewal through our‭ ‬regenerative-cellular-nature.

The therapeutic expressions of this formidable knowledge, will leverage our best, Natural,‭ ‬healthy potential into play.

-Well. Healed.-

We all want to be well. Really well.

Now, we can concieve of the day when modern Medicine will customize its approaches to each of us, with pathways and‭ ‬powers to regenerate Health and reverse our conditions, cell by cell.

Several regenerative and rejuvenating procedures are already in use and gaining favor. You may‭ ‬know of someone. Many more approaches will follow, until a wealth of health-related‭ ‬therapies are here.

-Further Significance.-

The idea of the attainability of Complete-Cellular-Health is now realistically‭ ‬approachable. Through the progressive provisioning of one’s material regeneration, one’s physiological‭ ‬constitution, the cellular-self, is restored.

Health, established and maintained, secures and guarantees the foundational instrument and‭ ‬its healthy survival-capacity.

Producing real Health in every cell, organ, structure and system, returns a health-energized physiology.

This of course will include all of the Senses, providing clarity.

Along with short-term to long-term Memory, providing an ease of retention, enabling an‭ ‬easy, natural-learning-power.

Your own.

Health is youthful. Fresh.

When Health is maintainable, and Learning comes easy, we stay current.

Learning curves flatten.

Ready and‭ ‬able, sweat-equity is no-sweat.

Regenerative-Cellular-Therapy, therefore, locates the meaningful and true values of a “Healthy Economy,” in ourselves. In and as the physical body of each member of the “Body‭ ‬Politic.”

Inadvertently locating the means of wealth-generation, in, and as the Individual’s‭ ‬cellular-wellbeing.

Diagnostically sound, Complete Cellular Health reclaims the Individual’s Economic power.


-Approaching 100% Health.-

We’re highlighting the Healthy-Individual as the Key Economic-fundamental that is now‭ seen to be ‬attainable. Deliverable. Cell by cell.

Remembering for a moment that our focused emphasis is the correlation between Health and‭ ‬Prosperity, we can then see that as much as we are able to secure and provide Health, we‭ ‬are on the right path to enable the physical constitution of the average‭ ‬citizen.

Each one.

That may be a real possibility. All then. All who wish it.

The‭ ‬Economic-fundamental of every Economy, the everyday person, offered Health, choosing it,‭ ‬is lifted up, made well, made whole.

A common good.

A capital idea.

Through Sensory clarity, and the testable restoration of one’s working Memory, a vital and‭ ‬insightful “Can do!”-Workforce shows up.

Your constitution is what you’re made of, and when Complete Clinical-Health is available‭ ‬it must be seen as the fundamental-constituent of the performance capacity of the Nation.

We’re not at One Hundred Percent Health yet, but we can emphasize its significance to the‭ ‬reinvigorated, Learning-enabled Individual, directly, and to the Economy generally, but‭ ‬specifically it characterizes the basis of the value in an obvious and attainable New‭ ‬Dynamic.

The Capitalization of Medicine.

Thus we can properly back this concept, invest in and directly secure the wellbeing of our Prime-Currency, our Cellular-constitution, through Health Care.

-Approaching 2045.-

We’re looking to the Future for reliable estimates, to see if Medical progress is‭ ‬

predictably, significantly successful, and in fact so much so that we can draw upon those‭ ‬measured expectations.

The year 2045 is used because it’s been under the most scrutiny for the longest time, for‭ ‬the best of reasons, and the discoverer of its paradigm-shifting significance, Ray‭ ‬Kurzweil, is, if indirectly, our eloquent and cogent guide.

Ray is completely vetted. Look him up if he’s new to you. He’s at Google, now.

While you’re at it, get up to speed with Eric Drexler.

He’s currently at Oxford Martin.‭ ‬

Read his 1986 book, Engines of Creation: The Coming Era of Nanotechnology, first, then‭ ‬Unbounding the Future from 1991, and most recently, from 2013, Radical Abundance.

Both guys are out of MIT; on YouTube too. Enjoy.


Kurzweil has, for decades, readily dealt with vast fields of data.

Looking deeply, over‭ ‬Time, for productive patterns.

Amongst other things he took note, and mathematically-charted, Price and Performance ratios in the pivotal and pervasive Information Technologies.‭ ‬

It’s the measurable reach of his forward looking projections, and for 2045 in particular,‭ ‬that are most promising for our emphasis.

But first let’s take a glance at the‭ ‬communication of Information in recent History.

-A Moment’s Momentum.-

The Historic importance of transmitting messages provides a pertinent perspective on‭ ‬Information-Handling.

Sending or receiving your message by runner, bicycle, stagecoach,‭ ‬ship, pony express or horseless carriage.

From cars and trains to “aeroplanes,” from‭ ‬telegraph and landline phone to satellite and cell, the means of transmission, the choices‭ ‬available, put premiums on speed, and reliability, and security.

The timely messages brought confidence in the services provided.

Important messages and‭ ‬answers gave competitors an edge.

Thus the evidence of the underlying drivers of the‭ ‬Information Age we know and love today, began to take shape.

-The Information-Quickening.-

Showing us that the accelerating progress is preferred, selected and emulated.

That a quickening-rippling-bolting Human ability is revealed.

The ability to buy Time.

Information can communicate the essentials of knowledge, and by the nature of. Language,‭ ‬and through Multi-media, Information can cross-pollinate from source to source. Thus leading to measurable improvements in fundamental-performance-efficiencies regarding the‭ ‬ongoing, developing Instrumentation of Information-Handling. Regarding its expanding varieties‭ ‬of uses. Calculated efforts organized to make it all work, to make it all hum.

In full recognition of value and cost, attentively extending our ongoing Human interests‭ ‬in the relevant abstractions, equations, computations and connective insights, good and‭ ‬realistic ideas were further improved upon in new-found parallels.

Over time, when Computers came along, evolved from straightforward research, the Researchers‭ ‬continued to find significant Performance Improvements just within reach. Finding‭ ‬increased value in every advance.

Faved and followed, Computer Hardware and Software with‭ ‬progressively higher speeds and deeper reliabilities, became a constant.


These are the realities of the Times we live in Today, and will Tomorrow.

Kurzweil’s done some wonderful work. His long experience of analytic engagement provided‭ ‬the clarity and foresight needed to further guide his own visions of so many potential‭ ‬lines of research. Practical and inventive realizations regarding the needs and conditions of‭ ‬the Public at large.

Allowing him to providentially select and successfully‭ ‬develop his own efforts.

Ray has used it to pinpoint meaningful involvements that are connective, satisfying and‭ ‬rewarding. Ahead of time.

What focus Ray has. Not only to come to grips with the essentials that delineate specific‭ ‬advances, but to track the quality of the predictability of their extended mathematical‭ ‬forms, their linear and nonlinear powers.

Keeping track and practicing his art.

Patiently showing us “Something that is not intuitive.”

That is, that the more general-rate, of overall Price-Performance progress, is exponentially-accelerating.‭ ‬As Ray’s Chartings show.

Charting real advances, measurable high-performance advances, whose Exponential-trajectory‭ ‬is founded on the underlying, Real-world characteristics of Information-Handling, these advances are showing Performance doublings by the year, currently, and still accelerating.

It turns out that whenever, wherever or however we look at the application of Information-Handling, we can find the Technological/Engineering-wherewithal to do even better, next‭ ‬time.

Over and over.

Carrying an Exponential-promise of an Historic, inherently-successful‭ ‬Price-Performance dynamic.

So there’s an ongoing Exponentially-based Return-On-Investment‭ ‬that’s consistently available.

And it’s so consistent that it’s not just law-like, it is a Law.

“The Law Of Accelerating Returns.”

-A Peak Peek.-

Carefully observed and formulated, back-tested and then projected forward in Time,‭ ‬Kurzweil’s Law, this LOAR, seems to indicate that Information-Handling itself is a backbone‭ ‬process that is media-like, touching on the core dynamic of Human self-improvement. An‭ ‬extended, Human, reflexive-awareness. A neo-cognitive, computational-presence, reaching‭ ‬into and across any industrious-potential, to realize and apply understanding to need.‭ ‬


Our combined efforts, compounding our various interests, are paying off. The volume of‭ ‬progress is building. Condensing efficiencies. The compression is predictable. It’s taking‭ ‬off.


The Industrial Revolution’s Historic empowerment comes through Engineering’s experimental‭ ‬practices. Physical techniques revealing practical insights into the finest “material”‭ ‬dimensions of our everyday lives. Reality testing.

The Industrial Revolution relies on good information regarding essential processes.

Ray’s charting shows that we are on a positive, and positively inevitable course to a‭ ‬fusion of scientific and technological essentials.

He is showing us that 2045 is when a Singular, measured level of this momentus Convergence will most‭ ‬likely occur.

This is potentially very significant for us, today, because there is Real-world value in‭ ‬the swirling data, through these material essentials, that will allow us to cross-reference the‭ ‬connections between different practical applications for a coordinated, accelerating rate of successful interaction and action.

Showing a coalescence of advances which are consistently and reliably becoming available‭ ‬because they’re based on the underlying, exponentially-progressing technologies of‭ ‬Information-Handling.

By 2045 then, this predictable exponential-leverage, and the providential Economic effects‭ ‬of Info-Tech, will have found full purchase in the technological advance of every‭ ‬Industry.

Including those requiring atomic precision.

That’s at a billionth of a meter, a nanometer, so, every form and variation of‭ ‬Nanotechnology.

New ways to “forge” material realities in the most finely conceived steps‭ ‬imaginable, from the atomic scale on up.

With Physics.

With Chemistry.

With Engineering.

“Atomically Precise Manufacturing.”

-A P M.-


Drexler has codified the dynamics of nano-scaled fabrication, as “Molecular‭ ‬Manufacturing,” in his 1991 book, and MIT textbook-hit, Nanosystems, and has updated that‭ ‬terminology to “Atomically Precise Manufacturing” for his 2013 book Radical Abundance.

Turning to any manufacturing project’s requirements, the A P M-robots of every necessary‭ ‬type are the totally productive administrators of otherwise impossible work. That’s right.‭ ‬Tiny robots.

With the ability to build molecular parts by design, atom by atom if needed, much faster‭ ‬and cheaper manufacturing is on the way.

Every industry will be producing Real-world‭ ‬products with customized Meta-materials for super-performance.

-At Pivotal Points.-

Lightweight, strong, inexpensive construction.

Parts with at least ten-times-more strength, with one tenth the matériel, at one-tenth the‭ ‬weight.


At one-tenth the matériel costs.

At one-tenth the energy costs.

Thereby bringing the Total-outlay, for the effective-Capital-investment on the‭ ‬Manufacturing-side, to twenty percent.

One-fifth of Today’s demands.

And significantly, additional savings will occur when A P M is applied to the supply-side.

-When the Paradigms Rev.-

Shifting gears, Drexler’s nano-fine assembly teams and Manufacturing-plants will easily‭ ‬allow the advances in Computer Hardware to continue the Info-Tech-Exponential‭ ‬indefinitely, and to deliver even more robust Information Handling and cost reductions.

As Drexler has consistently shown, and as he reveals in parallel to Kurzweil, the‭ ‬

continuing idealization of the Price-Performance ratios for nano-based Capital equipment,‭ ‬Manufacturing throughput, Raw-material conversion and Robotic Labor, will be well-grounded‭ ‬in the Information Technologies.

An Exponential-Performance-Effect comes from this meaningful dynamic-duo.


Capital equipment and Manufacturing costs, Raw-material and Labor costs are all‭ ‬transformed.

Time taken and costs incurred, from Project-conception to Consumer-consumption, are all‭ ‬dramatically reduced, minimized, atomized.

Across every Industry.

Providing performance-specific functionality, reliability and durability.

Thereby‭ ‬affording Humanity high-resolution products of superior quality, for a superior living‭ ‬experience and a superior survival experience; and all at dirt-cheap prices.

We are on that path to A P M today, as digital information-handling and manufacturing with‭ ‬atomic-precision are already well-in-hand and being intelligently applied.

A well-founded‭ ‬Future-Economy is underway, and by extension, within view.

The everyday challenges of producing quality and quantity will meet their match in‭ ‬Nanotechnology’s fineness of Price-Performance magic. Providing the dynamic-Economic-guarantees of our Future successes. A further assurance that Kurzweil’s Convergence of 2045‭ ‬will occur.

Re-setting the scene, although Drexler’s Atomically Precise Manufacturing may arrive‭ ‬sooner than 2045, we can work with the idea that it won’t arrive any later.

-All Together Now.-

Which is to the very point of our area of interest.

Dealing with in-organic Materials in productive-atomic-construction.

A P M is the New-Power Tool that is also capable of dealing just as easily with matters that are Organic,‭ ‬Biological, and Cellular.

We can now see Drexler’s forthcoming instruments of atomic-precision as equally-fine-scaled instruments of healing. Designed to carry out every aspect of Health-natured cell-repair, renewal, regeneration and rejuvenation.

Deep, natural, cellular-Health, engaged.

-All’s Well.-

Atomically Precise Manufacturing’s arrival then, may be seen as guaranteeing the inexpensive‭ ‬implementation of Nano-assisted Cellular Medicine, no later than 2045.

-By The Way.-

Again, this gives us Ray’s point in Time to work with.

Kurzweil’s Exponentially based‭ ‬Price-Performance approach supplies the reliable projections needed for the healthy‭ ‬details to be fleshed out.

Here we place the numbers for 100% health, ubiquitously‭ ‬available.

That’s right, that much.

With Medical Diagnostics providing the progressively-curative details of Cellular‭ ‬

Therapeutics, and Patients gradually, steadily recovering proofs of life in Body,‭ ‬

Sensation, Perception, retention and cognition, a realistic hope will spring forward.

Citizens and Societies will then readily apply themselves.

We will want to study from the point of view of our full potential.

Physiological-wellness and Sensory-clarity provide a platform from which one can reliably‭ ‬do so. Re-establishing the foundations of a 100%-natural Learning-power.

Your own.

-Remind Me.-

Perception and attention, retention and recall, are not the only foundations of Learning.‭ There’s what you already know and how you know it. Your own Language stands ready to‭ ‬receive your undivided attention. ‬

After regaining one’s physical vitality, acuity and going on to memorize your Language of‭ ‬choice, the entire Vocabulary if you wish, the definitions and associations and the grammars, with ease, communication barriers will fall.

Modern Medicine’s capacity to deliver Complete-Health becomes the Guarantor of Naturally-efficient Human performance.

Your own.


Would you improve your Memory if you could? The Workforce of 2045 most certainly will. And‭ ‬most of the Population, too. And why not? It will be based on decades of high-intensity‭ ‬research into the very nature of every cell and cellular-system throughout the body.

Continuing right through in a clinical setting, reviewing and improving one’s natural-Language-skills, the meaningful connections provided by the possession of a sure Language-knowledge will open the doors of communication for the further acquisition of specialized-learning, Degree-skills, Doctorates.

Health then directly secures these natural expressions of Human interest.

-Key Keys.-

Because this is the projected period at which point the informed implementation of‭ ‬Atomically Precise Manufacturing begins to prevail, costs will be dropping all-around,‭ ‬across every Industry.

Medical Procedural-costs and their Peripheral-costs become negligible, and that secures‭ ‬the delivery of a Health Care that will be Cell-deep and Physiologically-complete.

When we are well to this level we generate astute interactions across many Languages and‭ ‬Cultures, and find success after success built upon wellness and awareness.

When 100% Cellular Health is inexpensively deliverable to 100% of the Population, to the Workforce,‭ ‬to Education, they, Society-at-large, will want to offer this healthy gift that keeps on‭ ‬giving, to everyone.

They’ll find it easy to say, “We can do it. We can afford to do it. Let’s do it.”

Through the Price-Performance presence of Drexler’s Atomically Precise Manufacturing and‭ ‬Kurzweil’s Law Of Accelerating Returns, success then is assured. For them then, and for us‭ ‬through them, showing 2045 as a Completion-Point that potentially defines the end of our‭ ‬current and ongoing Cyclic Debt, and as an Initiation-Point that begins the building of‭ ‬endless Treasury.

By 2045 the Healthy Keys to a new Economic potential are fully-in-place.

-Hindsight Ahead.-

We are looking ahead thanks to Ray and Eric.

If we see ourselves in the people of our own‭ ‬Future, they will in any case look back and say in hindsight that we were the same. And‭ ‬that our potential was the same, because naturally, the availability of top-to-bottom‭ ‬Health Care has become our common ground goal.

We can expect them to be, and plan for them to be an extremely able and stabilizing‭ ‬Society, and Workforce, from 2045 forward.

Continuing to grow in numbers, our projected‭ ‬estimates of their resulting Treasury monies, available after 2045–2055, can now be‭ ‬appropriately, reliably delineated. Detailed. Statistically drawn.

And drawn upon, as well, that is, by us Today, for a full and ongoing Total-Health-Care‭ ‬Funding, without any harm to the underlying Economic machinery of the Workforce of 2045‭ ‬and beyond.

Given a reliable enough initial picture, which we have in fact, one might logically and‭ ‬confidently surmise that they in hindsight would want us to have this foresight, a self-important foresight to be sure, but one that concerns them as well.

The foresight of an‭ ‬all-expenses-paid Investment in us, in our own Health-based Human-potential, and‭ ‬subsequent Economic-potential.

They would have a total grasp of our situation.

They will naturally think then,

“If only we could have taken on all of the expenses for a‭ ‬complete Life-saving effort.

Because now we know how to bring you back to Health, back to‭ ‬your real Life with your natural abilities intact, back to vitality and into full‭ ‬circulation with a long, long Life ahead in a happy, healthy World.”

“Life-savings through Cellular-Wellness. We’ve got it down. You can do it, too.”

“Through Wellness and Understanding no one is a burden.

To the contrary. Allow us to fully‭ ‬finance the total advance of Cellular Health Care, Traditional Medicine, of course, and‭ ‬the Peripheral and Transitional expenses implied.

We champion a rather easily afforded Investment‭ ‬in Human Capital, Cognitive Capital and the subsequent Long-term generation of New Capital.”

“We await your answer.”


Yes. I would say.



-Let’s Bootstrap.-

A Bootstrap awaits our grasp.

A synergistic-monetary-leveraging made possible by the‭ ‬statistical-confirmations of our Future-based, technologically-measurable successes, mere‭ ‬decades away.

After 2045, the Workforce, in Health, and with Nano-Arts-and-Sciences‭ ‬flowering, finds footing.

Their Treasury-creating-power stabilizes, builds, and‭ ‬accelerates.

Their funds Capitalizing our Cellular Medicine.

Capitalizing our Traditional Health Care.‭ ‬

Investing in us. Our healthy potential. And Funding the Health-related-Peripheral-supports‭ ‬and the Transitional-supports we will need to include all along the way.

By 2055 their Treasury awaits. The Gift.

Wherefrom we enjoin their totally-potent Gift to us, and to themselves. Providing a two-way Guarantee, because the 100% Healthy‭ ‬Population and Workforce of 2045 starts with us.


We design the Initial Financial Instrument, of course, and jump-start our own Bootstrap.‭ ‬

It will be an open-ended funding. Without stint. Concierge.

In a simple matter of emphasis, we begin with a conceptual-leveraging of the relative portion of our‭ ‬Future’s financial-successes, from our Future Treasury’s cash pool, back to us.

Which will allow us to get our organizational‭ ‬efforts articulated, detailed, prioritized and then flush with funds.

An inevitable‭ ‬success, Complete Cellular Health affords us a sure investment, inviting us to live on into the Future of 2045, and well, well‭ ‬beyond.

-Free Flight.-

Significantly, visualizing forward in Time along Ray’s Exponential Charting, it reminds us of our Key position; preceding the foreseen successes of our extremely fortunate potentials, and knowing‭ ‬it.

By continuing and expanding and accelerating the progress of every aspect of Cellular‭ ‬Therapeutics, we gain Today the benefits of Health that are the Keys to the Individual’s‭ ‬survival and success, Today and Tomorrow.

-Off The Charts.-

Health-based productivity, Treasury growth, and what it is all likely to beneficially-cost‭ ‬along the way, are Chart-able.

We can identify and visualize the relevant details in a new‭ ‬index.

The Human Health And Price Performance Index. The HHAPPI.

Trillions in potential Gift Funds will be visible over that period’s temporal horizon.‭ ‬


Ideally securing their position and ours, re all-Debt, old or new, cyclic and noncyclic,‭ ‬responsibly transitioning us through the pay-downs, and on to a singular-state of Person-first Economic-Health.

Then, regarding the Workforce after 2045–2055, when they’re 100%-Healthy and going strong, that’s when we can be conservatively-sure that they’ll be able to‭ ‬handle the starting of the Gift Fund’s Funding.

A one-time Debt, whatever the Total-Total, it will be its own limit. A small-flat-tax‭ spread over generations, backs our Future’s Retroactive Investment in us. ‬


Our forthcoming experience in transitioning to a Person-first, Health-based, Learning-enabled Economy, will provide the additional Guarantees for our Future selves, that we‭ ‬feel they must have.

That is, that what we see as their apparently inevitable success,‭ ‬will actually occur, and that it will occur sooner.

The HHAPPI, acted upon, will accelerate Kurzweil’s timing.

Concomitantly guaranteeing that their Gift spending, which we can see ahead,‭ ‬statistically, in potential, will itself be a lesser expense, a smaller bill. And that‭ ‬they then will be able to pay it even-more-easily, in an ongoing incremental manner,‭ ‬Exponentially-sure, and therefore with no significant digressions or obstructions, until‭ ‬it’s done.

-Transitional Themes.-

Highlighting our Person-first, common-ground, pre-Economic foundations, we are returning‭ ‬to Health.

Conserving our highly-productive Human-potential, and lives.

Total-Health is‭ ‬recognized as the Individual’s Exponential-engine of wealth-creation.

The Physio-Cognitive dynamic, coming from accelerating Medical advances, leading to the inevitable arrival of 100% Cellular Health, becomes our Guarantor.

Naturally, then, it’s the foundational importance of Health that’s remaking the Local, National and International Markets, now‭ ‬and on into the Future.

Once a Nation’s access to its own vast, Future-placed-wealth is established, the Local,‭ ‬National and International Governing Bodies and Monetary Bodies will have the Fully Funded‭ ‬long-term-wherewithal to fine-tune their efforts, and to coordinate their studied guidance on‭ ‬the World Stage. To provide for the deployment of Total Health Care, freely offered, for the most intensive Life-saving efforts ever offered, and the subsequent recovery of Complete Cellular Health.

At that point Medicine is Capitalized.

-Peripheral Health Supports.-

Then, Peripheral Health Supports of every type are directly Fundable.

Individuals are already part of a fully functioning Ecology.

Subsequently, these ancillary‭ ‬supports of Human-Health directly align with the implementation of Cellular-Therapeutics‭ ‬for Agriculture.

We can expect to, and see to it that we will succeed.

Forward-looking choices allow us to‭ ‬shift into projects that protect Air, Earth and Water quality, for Health’s sake, as we‭ ‬approach our Future’s A P M solutions.

Clean Food and Water are our Performance fuels.

The Guarantees of their delivery are straightforward expansionary-costs.

Now to be met‭ ‬through Gift Fund channels.

Along with temporary, Transitional Price-Controls. Put in‭ ‬place in order to effectively separate Production-costs from Consumer-costs. Legitimately‭ ‬doing so because after the Transition to the 2045 Convergence we will have an‭ ‬extraordinary ability to inexpensively support the highest quality Agricultural products‭ ‬at dirt-cheap costs. Dirt-cheap Prices.

Until then, we protect the Health of the Consumer‭ ‬at all costs. But not at the expense of the Producer.

New Farmers and replacement Growers are to be found, invited, educated, advised and supplied.

Serviced forward. Towards an‭ ‬expansion of Agricultural importance, in order to increase the numbers of additional,‭ ‬clean, organic farms we want to establish in this Key renewable Industry.

In Transition,‭ ‬employers and employee salaries are to be protected.


Similarly, Fish-Farm numbers may be scaled-up, while naturally re-creating the best‭ ‬possible living conditions for shortcut-free, high-quality Life-cycle maintenance.

And, within the realm, Oceanic-therapeutics, to follow, will have a quantum-computing-powered grasp of the essentials, the science, the savings.

That’s right, the Oceans.

-Clean Air.-

Clean Air of pre-Industrial quality is on the table in Drexler’s Ten-year Global Project.‭ ‬

Take a deep breath because beginning now it’s possible to focus on its atomically-precise‭ ‬requirements, in an openly Funded, Computationally-accelerated approach.

We don’t have to wait for A P M to arrive, because we can dedicate research Funds to‭ ‬articulate his Project’s specific component demands.

The Gift funding for this Health-related‭ ‬Project would come through Peripheral Support, and would continuously approach the‭ ‬Project’s Goals.

Drexler raises the issues in a lecture.

You can hear the details 42-minutes into his 55-minute talk recorded at Oxford Martin. Titled : Physical Law and the Future of‭ ‬Nanotechnology.

-Clean Energy-

Non-renewable energy-supplies, and increasing energy-demands, create concerns and‭ ‬paradigm-shifting pressures in the Energy Industries.

Solar-to-electric conversion rates are advancing, with new Meta-materials and their‭ ‬continually higher photo-voltaic efficiencies, facilitating clean-energy progress.

These solar-power Manufacturers and related supply chains are in a Key Renewable Industry.‭ ‬Survival related. Health related. But still, potentially, Individuals and individual‭ ‬Corporations face suddenly advancing, Technological disruptive competition, Today or Tomorrow.‭ ‬

Employer’s and Employee’s Salaries are to be protected, smoothing their Transitional-adjustments, as Individuals and as Families.

Similarly, Transitional-Price-Controls can be put in place, in order to separate‭ ‬

Production costs from Consumer costs.

Maximizing the Environmental advantages of solar‭ ‬usage at its higher current costs, until A P M’s arrival concludes this transition.


Fuel cells, built from fine-force components relying on Meta-materials withhigh-density‭ ‬energy advantages, all advance on parallel paths.


These and other Renewable resources will continue to advance along the Info-Tech/Nano-Tech‭ ‬backbone until they replace high-risk conditions in Atomics, Coal and Oil and Gas, etc.


The current Technological developments underway in Energy production will find new‭ ‬synergies in Nanotechnology’s well-founded promise. Convergent-insights no later than‭ ‬2045.

-Assessing Long-Term Goals.-

A Person-first policy, during this unprecedented Technological Transition period, can‭ ‬protect the Individual’s needs, whether one is an Employer, an Employee or Unemployed, and‭ ‬really stabilize their Health-to-wealth potential. Even if one is not in an essential, or‭ ‬Health-related Industry.

Transitional Peripheral Supports put in place by the Gift Fund, allow a Person-first‭ ‬Learning-track to become a real choice. So that, for the Individual, the time and attention needed for study can‭ ‬beneficially and harmlessly proceed towards their horizontal or vertical career paths‭ ‬and goals.

Support Funds are to include Educational expenses such as those that are covered by Student‭ ‬Loans; new or retroactive. The Schools get the money. The Teachers, Profs, Assistants and‭ ‬Staff get real monetary recognition.

Looking to the Future with confidence, Students study while getting the Supports of‭ ‬Educationally-directed Funding for those expenses, related living expenses and Complete Health Care.

-Learning Counseling.-

Retention’s range is the bulwark of cognitive potential. Language is the foundation of‭ ‬learning. Natural-learning Therapies, achieved through Cellular Therapeutics, will go hand‭ ‬in hand with Language studies.

The measure of clinical progress in evidence, in testing‭ ‬periods, is the gold standard. Experiential. Direct. Trustworthy.

The Patient-Student can trust the calibrations provided by their own physiology.


Student Counseling needs to deepen. The skilled use of Neuro-Linguistics© will go a long‭ ‬way towards bridging the distance between Students with questions or difficulties, and‭ ‬their Counselor’s care. Allowing the Counselors to align themselves with the Student’s‭ ‬Individual communication styles and presentation patterns. These considerate techniques,‭ ‬in support of potentially critical communications, better serve the Student’s counseling‭ ‬needs.

When distracted, no one can learn or teach. Nor when poorly nourished or in poor Health. A‭ ‬personal-sense of security at every School is primary. Now, Funded, all are directly‭ ‬addressable.


Remember that they then, after the Convergence of 2045, will be living on in Healthy and‭ ‬productive vitality for hundreds of years. As will those of us who join them in Transition‭ ‬over the next thirty years or so, continuing on as our Health steadily improves.

While continuing with and expanding Traditional Health Care facilities may provide the best‭ ‬initial platform for the new levels of Health Care delivery we will need, others will develop. Total‭ ‬population numbers scale the efforts.

Transitional-Funding is Health-related, survival-related Funding to be put in place at every level.

-Just In Case.-

Expanded Emergency Services need to come on line. Including one-touch Emergency-Call-Buttons that you wear on‭ ‬the wrist or around the neck, or have in your pocket. Just one touch. You can do it. Even‭ ‬if you can’t move any further, or speak, help will be on the way.

-Life Savings.-

At the same time no one can predict the unforeseen circumstances that can end a Life. Now‭ ‬these issues can be discussed in a new light. So much so that the lead-offer coming from the Future’s Medical promise is in regard to the reality‭ ‬of Suspended Animation, Today, as the emergency Medical Procedure that can deliver an otherwise lost‭ ‬Patient to the advanced Medical practices and instruments of 2045 and beyond.

Drexler has pointed to the real value of Biostasis, another term for Suspended Animation,‭ ‬which uses Cryonic’s knowledgable application of what is simply Life-preserving coldness.‭ ‬To truly immobilize the patient.

No matter how difficult the material blow to the body,‭ ‬when a Life is lost, the simplicity of Cryonics will work to pristinely secure their‭ ‬journey ahead, suspending all atomic activity, and therefore all cellular activity.‭ ‬

Physiological deterioration is stopped cold. For this procedure a Biostasis-type of Intensive-Care-Unit awaits. Thus begins the implementation of a long-term Medical procedure to coolly‭ ‬cross Time itself. Not your typical Intensive Care room, but a vessel, a cylindrical Dewar‭ ‬chamber, with a double-wall at vacuum; to hold the cold. To deliver the patient-Patient‭ ‬forward in Time. To the Medical safe-haven ahead.

-Frozen Assets.-

In Engines of Creation, Drexler paints a picture with a written description of an advanced‭ ‬Medical-scenario. Describing the return to Health of a Cryonically-stabilized-Patient on‭ ‬the occasion of their atomically-precise re-animation.

In that scene, Teams of tiny‭ ‬instruments, our little A P M-robots, are instituting cell-by-cell Imaging, Diagnostics, and‭ ‬Repairs, to carry the day.

Vast amounts of Real-time data will be considered with atomic fineness, while the‭ ‬instruments, our swift and sure assistants, will be triple-checking their work as they go.‭

Expertly mending every cell, every system, until the Patient, scientifically revived, is‭ ‬returned to wholeness, and then gently awakened. From the ice to nice. To live on. Healed, renewed, and healthier than ever, and in a Healthy World. ‬

Just a few‭ ‬decades away.

-Long-Life Counseling.-

We can make it clear through the auspices of every communication outlet, that a Life-saving and Life-preserving Medical Procedure, Biostasis, is available.

A slow-going Time-machine, providing a linear, direct, long-term Patient-transport to the Medically-high-tech Future.

Only now it’s being appropriately explained and freely offered to every‭ ‬interested party, decision maker, or representative power of attorney.

Warmly invited to‭ ‬understand that the new realities of advanced-Medical-power can be relied upon to deliver‭ ‬the goods.

Funded, Biostasis gives a real choice, even to those who may be at death’s‭ ‬door.

Those in extreme illness, or with a severe injury, or at an extreme age, first come to‭ ‬mind.

But there are others in danger, in harms way, at risk, and who may be unexpectedly‭ ‬compromised, who can now be given a chance to continue on; because we can offer and be sure of‭ ‬this same long-term Medical procedure.

Police, Fire and Military. Lost to Service. Brought back in Health and surrounded with‭ ‬invitations to learning in a bright new World. Never a burden. Truly more like National‭ ‬Treasures. Staying on. Getting well. Getting strong.

Staying the course. Both Eric Drexler and Ray Kurzweil are signed up for these Life-saving-Suspended-Animation-procedures to go forward should the circumstances call for it.

Just in case.

-Wake up the Precedent.-

We’re at the door now.

We’re learning to accept some significantly new data.

Thanks to Ray K. and Eric D.

Theirs is the kind of inclusive-awareness, of position and path, that provides wise and‭ ‬advantageous conduct.

Nice work.

Because now that the best outcomes are in the picture, through Regenerative Cellular‭ ‬Medicine today, and Atomically-Precise-Medicine tomorrow, we can see their place in our‭ ‬lives more clearly.

Now we have vision enough to align our efforts.

Putting us in a‭ ‬position to accelerate the arrival of the root-healing-processes which will naturally,‭ ‬healthfully, elevate, enlighten and transform our Individuals, Societies and Economies.

Pretty dramatic, really.

Because Regenerative Medicine is on its way, we can wake up to our precedential position,‭ ‬and engage all of our newly-found-potentials for Health.

Profoundly Natural potentials,‭ ‬stemming from the earliest, causative-depths of our own regenerative-cellular-being.

Health and a healthy Economy are consistent.

With a vital and insightful Population proving the self-reflexive value of Human Health‭ ‬and Learning power, sharing wellness and understanding, there could be a lot to it.

Health sets the standard for every Economy in every period.

So much so, that whatever the Medical costs, whatever the Transitional costs, whatever the‭ ‬Total-Total cost of turning this Person-first Economic-engine over, those costs are‭ ‬nothing in comparison to the endless wealth, the endless Treasury that will be generated‭ ‬by its newly-found-healthy Economic-drivers. Who will be able to bring this Economy around‭ ‬in the best possible way.

It’s because of us.

All of us have equity in the Future we’re creating.

It begins with us.

The points I’ve emphasized, being somewhat familiar, are easily discussed. They invite‭ ‬consensus, and an easy, popular action.

I’m pretty sure. About 99%.

Sure enough.

You count.

You are The Key.


bb rich


-See You In The Future !! .-

__________________________ ., .