First Lady of the United States Melania Trump is known to all. She may come across as reserved and an introvert but the fact is just the opposite. This pretty lady is actually far from just pretty. She studied architecture and design at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia and later launched her own jewelry line among many others ventures. She may be hardly seen beside the US president but she shines bright in other aspects.

Although the 45-year-old lady can speak in over 5 languages, her body language with husband Donald Trump makes more news. A former model by profession, Melania carries her thin frame with much élan. Her fine taste in fashion is obvious but lately, her sartorial choices have been making headlines. She has stunned fashion industry observers by wearing only the highest quality in high fashion.

Despite the plush lifestyle, you can’t help but feel a bit sorry for Melania. She seems mildly uncomfortable in the role of First Lady. Her relationship with Donald is often thrown into the limelight. During their first visit to Saudi Arabia, they made more news for the evident disdain rather than crucial meetings with the other world leaders. We all saw Melania Trump slap off US President’s hand in front of world media. And if that wasn’t all, she evaded his hand just minutes before disembarking an aeroplane. Body language experts had a field day with the footage of the Trumps, as were Twitter users.

Donald is almost all the time seen moving several steps ahead of his lady when he should be actually waiting for her. He seems oblivious to the fact that they represent an entire nation. All their moves are monitored and scanned. Moreover, this is total disrespect for your wife who is THE FIRST LADY.

What examples are the role models of America setting? At this point of time, we invariably end up drawing comparisons between the Obamas and the Trumps.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Need we say more?

One cannot help but insinuate for a moment that Donald married for looks and Melania married for money. Also, we can never forget that she blatantly plagiarized part of Michelle Obama’s speech after she became the First Lady. Melania has big shoes to fill. Michelle Obama took to the role of First Lady with equal parts grace and gusto. She was natural and relatable, yet polished and professional.

As far as Melania goes, only time will tell.

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