Crowd Puller Vs. Crowd Killer

It was supposed to be a night to remember and it WILL BE but for all the wrong reasons. Would the 22, now dead, Ariana Grande fans have ever thought that the night would be their last on this planet? The ones that survive would either never be able to walk or would never dare to step out in public ever again without the constant fear of another such attack.

Did you know that the Manchester blast suicide bomber was as young as the singer herself? Both about 22 years of age. But everything else is a stark contrast. While Ariana Grande’s business is to entertain, suicide bomber Salman Abedi was taught rationalizing mass murders. While one is a crown puller, another is a crowd killer. One spreads smiles, another wipes it off, sometimes forever.

Ariana Grande, 23

What must be going inside the head of these terrorist minds? Altruism emerges as major factor in the complex set of causes behind the suicide attacks. These suicides involve, believing one’s life is less worthy than the group’s honour, religion, or some other collective interests. Both the glamorization of martyrdom and its establishment as a gateway to rewards in the afterlife are central factors in the suicide bomber equation.

In the 1990s, most of the suicide bombers were male, many with backgrounds full of poverty and personal frustration. Today, these individuals come from both sexes and varying economic backgrounds. While many are young adults, others are middle-aged or even children. Yet the personal loss aspect of suicide bomber mentality holds true. Most terrorists have signs of antisocial personality disorder or psychopathy.

Islamic State have claimed the British perpetrator Salman Abedi as one of its own. This only goes to prove that all suicide attacks are carefully planned and executed by a team. This is not a one-man-job. Just before an attack, the bomber’s handlers isolate the individual from all contact with friends, family or the outside world. Often, the responsible organization films a martyrdom video as well. While these videos are later used as propaganda, they also serve as a point-of-no-return for the martyr-to-be.

Islamic State militants

A common way to execute a carnage involves the use of a special belt or vest worn under the clothes. The pockets of these garments contain explosives and bits of shrapnel. The explosives connect to a detonator, which in turn connects to a pocket trigger. A handler often accompanies a suicide bomber to the proposed scene of an attack. In addition to guiding and encouraging the attacker, the handler also sometimes triggers the explosion remotely by use of a mobile phone or other wireless device.

A point to note here is that Islamic State is believed to have hatred for Western pop music. It is a known fact that women in Islamic State territory in Syria and Iraq remain unable to move around without a chaperone and are forced to wear the face veil. Their function, for the most part, is to make babies and raise a new generation of children in the image of the Islamic State. So, is it just a coincidence that a female pop singer’s concert in the English land was chosen as a target of terror attack?

I beg to differ!

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