News served hot!

Slow is boring. Slow is drab and slow is out. We are the know-it- all generation. We’re fast paced. We like things on the go. But all must be quick. We don’t want to lag behind. There is constant fear. Fear to lose. And losing an argument due to lack of general awareness is just out of question. There is constant comparison between self and others. A continuous race to sound wittier than the other goes on.

In the battle to outsmart each other and in the rush to keep yourself updated, what is it that you must do? Read a newspaper? Boring, neh! Listen to radio? We like it for music. How about a news app? Incongruous alerts! Watch some news channel? An hour wasted.

We are neither here nor there. We are free yet occupied, realistic yet imaginative, lazy yet charged,neither frivolous nor serious. We are a confused but clever generation. We want something that adapts to our tastes and sensibilities. We like news but we would love it if served our way. Add some excitement in the way news is presented and we would have all eyes for it. Only if it is crisp, mindful and widens our horizon.

If you can’t make head or tail of the conventional news pieces, look no further. ‘Tales’ is your answer for all the questions above. What makes ‘Tales’ different? We say little but just enough to apprise you of all the latest happenings around the world. We present news in a jiffy but without losing essence. We please the eyes as much as the brains.

So, while you finish the last drop of your instant coffee, your dose of instant news would be taken care of by Tales.

P.S: Fairy tale lovers can back off. We are all about the real life tales.