Millennials at what they do best — Chilling!

The Story Behind Tales

The millennial generation lacks the patience but has amazing grasping power. It hates crass and loves class. It corners the sullen but holds on to subtle. It is full of ideas and imagination. It is devoid of restraint and shuns the mundane. It loves original and it loves new. And that is all we do. We are

Tales. We think like the millennial generation.

The seed of Tales germinated with just one thought in mind and that was to present news to the youth in a way they love. We went the musical way, the entertaining way. The result was news in the form of short, crisp videos that tickle your brain at the right places. We bring to you news from all around the world in the most quirky, distinctive way.

And there is something for everyone — the nerds, the fashion lovers, gossip mongers, the health freaks, the tech addicts and the sports maniacs.

Scan through Tales to find the most distinct content in genres like politics, entertainment, human interest, lifestyle, sports etc.

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