Defining and understanding ego is rather a complicated affair. In modern English usage, it signifies one’s self worth or self importance. Sigmund Freud through his numerous papers introduced ego into Psychology and started the school of Psychoanalysis — Ego Psychology around a hundred years ago. Psychoanalysis regards ego to be that part of the Human psyche which meditates between the basic, instinctual drives of the “ID” and the moral, cultural values of the “Super-Ego”. Freud in fact wrote in German and referred to ego as “das Ich”, meaning “the I”. Consequently, we can posit that ego essentially signifies “the self”…

What killed the beasts that roamed the Earth thousands of years ago? Are the modern humans to be blamed?

The Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event wiped out 75% of the Earth’s living species 66 million years ago¹. We know this as the event where the non-avian dinosaurs and several other species died due to an asteroid impact. The term megafauna is applied to any animal with average adult body weight of over 44 kg (97 lbs)². After the dinosaurs went extinct, the land was ruled by the megafauna, until a rather frail looking, two legged primate — Humans arrived at the scene.

The word human basically means an animal belonging to the genus Homo. From about 2 million years ago to…

Angshuman Talukdar

Working as an IT engineer in the power sector, my interests include Archaeology, Cosmology and definitely Programming.

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