Know Your Business’s Drag Coefficient.

Drag coefficient is a computation of ‘skin friction’ and ‘form drag’, both of which impact the operational effectiveness and efficiency of a craft. The most minute percentage improvement within either, or ideally within both, has enormous impact on the craft as a whole. Successfully optimising both elements results in something that can move faster, for longer, with less required input, and can be sold at a premium as a result.

The dynamics of drag coefficient are the scientific underpinnings of market leadership

Growing a business, at its core, involves ongoing cycles of optimisation within product, people and presentation. The product must be perfect, and ever more perfect with each launch. The people creating said product must work effectively as a team, continuously refine their craft, learn new skills and ideally create competitive methodologies exclusive to the business. The combined output of these elements must be presented in a compelling fashion, constantly positioned to outpace other players in the market.

These ingredients, amongst others, inform the overall ‘shape’ of your business.

In many ways, business and craft dynamics can be theoretically related. The quality and effectiveness of a team can be compared to the measure of ‘skin friction’, and the competitive output and effective presentation of that output the ‘form drag’.

Knowing that your business is moving ‘forward’ is great, and an indication that you are generally doing ‘something right’. More important though is uncovering whether you are sufficiently optimising your business’s drag coefficient, and in doing so maximising your growth rate.

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